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On the GrowLED website, discover the best brands for your LED horticultural lighting and also quality products for growing indoors. You will inevitably find the LED lighting system which will allow you to achieve energy savings , cultivate safely and get unbeatable performance . We select for you, the popular brands like BloomLED, Lumatek, CannaLED, Horticulture Lighting GroupToDoGrowLED etc ... We work directly with the manufacturers. This is the assurance for you to have a product up to date. Our company has its own logistics center and we prepare your orders ourselves. All orders are prepared by growers. If you need additional products for your lighting, discover our GROWSHOP department. We have different categories, Box of culture, FertilizersVentilation etc ... Do not hesitate to check the opinions of our site. Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team is available to chat online, by email or by phone if there is an emergency.

The different categories of LED horticultural lamps
box de culture culture interieur
Culture Box

Are you looking for a room for your indoor growing? Discover all of our brands. There is something for everyone !

40cm x 40cm - 60cm x 60cm - 80cm x 80cm - 100cm x 100cm - 120cm x 120cm

ventilation climate management culture in interior
Climate Management

Climate management is a very important element in an indoor grow! Discover all our ventilation products to 100% control the environment of your crop.

Soils and Pots

Soils, solid or textile pots, saucers, biodegradable pots ... Give your plants the elements they need to grow.

fertilizer indoor cultivation plants fertilizers growth flowering

Your plants need a little help to develop in the best conditions? Consult our fertilizer catalog and discover the best brands: Metrop, Biobizz, Plagron ...

packs growled pack complet multi-eclairages culture interieur
Growled Packs

We offer a multitude of packs for your indoor growing. 100% complete packs to cultivate in all serenity, without compatibility problems. Multi-lighting packs, packs with lamps and boxes and many other things.

Complete Packs - Multi-Light Packs - Lighting + Box - Extraction Packs - Compose your Pack - Need help for your pack

accessories culture interior horticultural

Discover all our accessories for your indoor growing! Programmers, drying nets, books for cultivation ... You will inevitably find what you are looking for.


Hydroponics is very efficient with the right materials. We bring together high-end products for you, tested and checked by our teams, specially designed for hydroponics!

odor filter management charcoal destroyers indoor cultivation
Odor Management

It is sometimes difficult to dispel lingering odors in an indoor grow space! We offer a wide choice of products to remedy this (carbon filters, odor destroyers or diffusers).

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