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At GrowLED, we are proud to introduce Future of Grow ( FOG ), an innovative brand in horticultural LED lighting. FOG is dedicated to providing highly efficient lighting solutions, designed to optimize the growth rate of your plants.

FOG is recognized for its commitment to cutting-edge LED technology. Their product line includes LED grow lights of various capacities, suitable for a variety of controlled environments, from small indoor gardens to large horticultural installations.

FOG LED grow lights are designed to provide a uniform and highly efficient level of photosynthetic flux density. They are called full spectrum, which means they cover the entire spectrum of visible light, to better imitate natural sunlight.

The superiority of FOG LED technology was demonstrated during a comparative test carried out by the company Extract Lab in Switzerland. The test showed that the FOG AIR GROW PRO II 600W LED grow light produced a higher yield and greater amounts of active ingredients in crops compared to an HPS light of equivalent capacity.

By choosing Future of Grow, you are opting for horticultural lighting technology that combines efficiency, performance and durability. This is the lighting of the future, available today from GrowLED.

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