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This section introduces the House & Garden brand, which specialises in the manufacture of high quality fertilisers for plants and crops. The product range includes various fertilisers and additives specifically designed to meet the needs of different crops and plant types, such as Aqua Flakes for hydroponics, Coco A&B for coco substrate crops, and Soil A&B for soil crops. The brand's products are easy to use and dose, and offer significant benefits for professional growers and hobby gardeners alike, such as a complete formula, highly effective formulas and specially designed additives to improve the quality of flowers and fruit.

Presentation of House & Garden

House & Garden is a company specialising in the manufacture of high quality fertilisers for plants and crops. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, the brand has quickly become one of the industry's leaders with its innovative and highly effective formulas.

House & Garden products

The House & Garden product range includes a variety of fertilizers and additives that are specially designed to meet the needs of different crops and plant types. Here are some of the most popular products:

Aqua Flakes

Aqua Flakes is a complete fertilizer for hydroponic crops, providing plants with all the nutrients they need to grow and flourish. This formula is highly water soluble, making it easy to use and dose.

Coco A&B

Coco A&B is a fertilizer specially designed for crops grown in coco substrate. It contains a balanced formula of nutrients that promotes plant growth while maximising yields.

Soil A&B

Soil A&B is a fertilizer for soil crops that contains essential plant nutrients, including minerals and trace elements. This formula is designed to promote plant growth and flowering while improving soil quality.

Top Booster

Top Booster is an additive that stimulates flowering and fruit production in plants. This formula contains specific nutrients that help to increase the size and number of flowers and improve the quality of the fruit.

The benefits of House & Garden products

House & Garden products offer several benefits for plants and crops:

  • A complete formula that provides all the necessary nutrients for plant growth and flowering.

  • Highly effective formulas that have been tested and proven to maximise yields.

  • Specially designed additives to improve flower and fruit quality.

  • Products that are easy to use and dose, thanks to their water solubility.


In conclusion, House & Garden is a brand known for the quality of its fertilisers and additives. The brand's products are designed to meet the specific needs of different crops and plant types, and offer significant benefits to both professional growers and garden enthusiasts.

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