Q5W 205W - 690mm - Sanlight - Eclairage pour la culture en intérieur et en serre

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Q5W 205W - 690mm - Sanlight - Eclairage pour la culture en intérieur et en serre Sanlight - 1 Expand

The 2nd generation of Sanlight LED lamps are available from GrowLED. These Sanlight brand lights allow indoor cultivation with the new OSRAM Chip technology LEDs.

- Quiet
- Homogeneous lighting
- 3 year warranty

Requires power cable to operate (not supplied)

Dimmer not supplied

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Lighting aera

80 x 80cm


3 years




Full Spectrum - Grow and Bloom





More info

SANlight Q5W 2nd Generation

SANlight Q5W is a high-end LED horticultural lighting using 5 modules, for a better light diffusion. It is capable of covering an area of ​​approximately 80 x 80cm. With a consumption of 205W, you will have a high-performance LED lighting and inexpensive in energy (and therefore in money). IP40 certified, this system offers approximately 520 PPF. Like the other models, it has a passive cooling dissipator, allowing you not to overheat in your growing space. It also has high-end 2.2mm OSRAM LEDs, allowing an extended lifespan of around 100,000h.

The SANlight Q5W offers a 90 ° lighting angle, in order to properly concentrate the light towards the canopy of your plants. It is 100% dimmable lighting, just like the other models in the Q range. You can thus manage the intensity of the lamp to provide plants with everything they need!

Requires power cable to operate (not supplied)

Dimmer not supplied

The advantages of the Q Series

The Q series boosts:

  • The quality of your harvest
  • The amount of your harvest
  • The homogeneity and quality of your harvest in the growing area
  • Crop area (using for example several SANlight systems, connecting them)
  • Your flexibility (usable as main light source or as additional light source)
  • The productivity of your business

The Q Series reduces:

  • Energy consumption
  • Your electricity costs
  • The temperature in your growing space
  • Your risks
  • Water consumption of your plants
  • Harvest time

SANlight Q Series 2nd generation

SANlight has been producing horticultural lighting with high-end, futuristic LEDs for many years. The Q Series is a major evolution in the brand's lighting ranges, it combines flexibility, performance and ease of use for growers.

Each Q lamp is made up of several LED lighting modules, with 2.2mm OSRAM chips offering a wide light spectrum for impressive efficiency.

The second optic guides 95% of the photons emitted directly to the culture space. It also prevents dust from settling, to keep its light power always intact! In terms of heat, the heat sink easily cools the LEDs to go below the 70 ° C mark.

Certain options such as the dimmer make it possible to considerably extend the performance of SANlight systems, to adapt to all growing conditions. You can also connect several lights to each other. Consume less, while offering your plants the ultimate in horticultural LED lighting!



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Data sheet

Power consumption205W
HPS or MH equivalent~280W
Coverage area80 x 80cm
SpectrumFull Spectrum - Grow and Bloom
Lens angle90°
Recommended distance from the canopy35 - 40cm
PPFD - 40cm (µmol/m²/s)520
Plug & PlayNo
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
Daisy chainYes
Zero noiseYes
Temp. working environment-20°C ~+40°C
Product weight5,5kg
Manufacturer's Warranty3 years
Lighting typePanels
UseIntensive Culture
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