What are the different payment solutions ?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard ...)

We accept payment by check. Simply select the "Pay by Check" tab at the time of payment, in your cart.

The following page will tell you the order, the amount and the reference to write on the check. We will ship your order upon receipt of the check.

Do not wait to send your check! Your items are reserved for 7 days.

We accept payment by bank transfer. the procedure to be followed is explained during the payment. Just select "Payment by bank transfer".

Do not delay making your transfer! Your order is reserved for 7 days. Upon receipt of the transfer, we ship your order.

We accept payment by Paypal. Just select the "Pay by Card or Paypal account" option. You will be automatically redirected to the Paypal login page. You will need to login or create an account on Papal.

Payment 3x or 4x


It is possible to pay in 3x or 4x by credit card from 100 € on GrowLED. This offer is only for French customers. At the time of the order you pay the first monthly payment, the following month you pay the second monthly payment and the third month, the last monthly payment.

You also have the option to pay directly in cash through the YesByCash system. Just follow the steps after clicking on this type of payment and you will be able to pay in cash at the various payment points near you.