List of products by manufacturer Florastar

Florastar manufactures indoor lighting equipment specifically designed for growing plants indoors. The brand offers different types of bulbs, such as high efficiency and energy saving CFL bulbs, as well as HPS and MH bulbs for flowering. Florastar T5 strips are also available to provide the right lighting for growing cuttings and young plants. Turbo-neon lights are another Florastar product, offering optimised performance compared to conventional tubes, while being practical and space-saving.

The brand also offers reflectors to reflect light and optimise the performance of lighting equipment, as well as high quality ballasts to ensure safety and performance.

In summary, the Florastar brand specialises in the manufacture of indoor lighting equipment for growing plants indoors, offering a complete range of bulbs, strips, turbo neonics, reflectors and ballasts to meet the specific needs of growers. The brand is positioned as a true innovator in terms of performance and build quality, offering high quality products for efficient and productive indoor growing.

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