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BIOBIZZ Soil - Light Mix - 50L


Discover the Biobizz 50L Light Mix potting soil, ideal for indoor growing enthusiasts! Provide your plants with a neutral foundation and precise nutrient control, promoting rapid and vigorous growth. Composed of peat, coconut fibers and perlite, certified organic by SKAL.

Versatile and suitable for all stages of cultivation.

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Why use Light Mix Biobizz 50L potting soil?

Biobizz 50L Light Mix potting soil is ideal for indoor growers wanting optimal control of plant nutrition and healthy growth.

5 advantages of this soil when growing indoors:

  1. Neutral base : Allows precise adjustment of nutrient intake for each growth phase.
  2. Effectiveness : Promotes rapid root development and plant vigor.
  3. Quality : Composed of peat, coconut fibers and perlite, ensuring an airy structure and optimal water retention.
  4. Organic : Certified by SKAL, guaranteeing a natural and environmentally friendly product.
  5. Versatile : Suitable for germination, cuttings, growth and flowering of plants.

How to use biobizz light mix?

Fill your pots or growing trays with Biobizz Light Mix . Water abundantly without fertilizer to moisten the substrate. Then plant your seeds or cuttings, and adjust the nutrient intake according to your fertilizers.

The characteristics of this soil:

  • Volume: 50L
  • pH: 6.2
  • EC: 1.2
  • Composition: Peat, coconut fibers, perlite
  • Certification: SKAL

5 Questions and answers:

1. Is Light Mix Biobizz 50L suitable for all plants?

Yes, this potting soil is suitable for all plants grown indoors.

2. Can we use Light Mix Biobizz 50L for outdoor cultivation?

Yes, this potting soil can also be used for outdoor growing.

3. Should I add fertilizer to Light Mix Biobizz 50L?

Yes, you will need to add fertilizer because this potting soil is not very nutritious, allowing precise control of nutrient inputs.

4. How long does Light Mix Biobizz 50L potting soil last before needing to be changed?

Generally, it is recommended to replace the potting soil after each growing cycle for best results.

5. Is it necessary to mix Light Mix Biobizz 50L with other soils or amendments?

No, it is not necessary to mix it, but you can enrich it with fertilizers and amendments according to the needs of your plants.



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