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Hydropassion specializes in the design of products for the nutrition, cultivation, and treatment of plants. The manufacturing unit is based in Brittany in Finistère.

About Hydropassion

Hydropassion is a brand specializing in hydroponics, which offers a wide range of products for amateur and professional gardeners. Founded in 2002, the brand has stood out thanks to its expertise and passion for growing in a hydroponic environment.

Quality products for hydroponics

Hydropassion offers a wide range of quality products for hydroponics, such as hydroponic growing systems, substrates, fertilizers, additives and accessories. All products are carefully selected to offer a complete and effective solution to horticulturists wishing to grow their plants hydroponically.

Technical expertise at your disposal

At Hydropassion, technical expertise is at the heart of the brand. The brand's team is made up of passionate and knowledgeable professionals who are able to answer all customer questions, whether it is about choosing the right product or solving a technical problem. Customers can thus benefit from personalized advice for successful hydroponic cultivation.

A brand committed to the environment

Hydropassion is a brand committed to the environment, which offers ecological solutions for hydroponics. The products are designed to minimize environmental impact, reducing water and fertilizer consumption, and using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. The brand also encourages organic cultivation and offers organic products for healthy and sustainable cultivation.

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