Filtre à charbon PF PRO 100/125/150/160/200mm - Prenez le meilleur pour lutez contre les odeurs Expand

PF PRO 100/125/150/160/200mm carbon filter - Take the best to fight against odors

  • Eliminates unwanted odors from your indoor grow
  • Optimal air filtration for healthy and vigorous plant growth
  • High quality manufacturing using virgin Australian RC412 coal activated by steam at high temperatures under reducing conditions
  • Easy to install and maintain thanks to its two included pre-filters
  • Available in six different sizes

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The high-end PF PRO carbon filter

The PF Carbon Filter is a high-end carbon filter for indoor growing. It comes with two pre-filters for optimal air filtration. Available in six different sizes to meet the needs of all growing setups.

The function of this PF PRO carbon filter

Australian virgin carbon RC412 steam activated at high temperatures under reducing conditions provides rapid and efficient absorption of volatile molecules and air pollutants. With a high iodine index and a high contact surface thanks to carefully calibrated granules, this carbon filter ensures high quality filtration for your indoor cultivation. The low water-soluble ash content (<13%) and CTC of 65% guarantee efficient air filtration, while the compact filling ensures 100% filtration.

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Why choose anything other than a 1st price carbon filter?

It is important in indoor cultivation to have a quality carbon filter because it filters the air and eliminates unwanted odors. When growing indoors, plants can produce strong, unpleasant odors that can be detected outside the grow room. This can be especially problematic if you live in an urban environment or have neighbors who are sensitive to odors.

A quality carbon filter can eliminate these odors and create a more pleasant environment for you and the people around you. This can also allow you to control the smell of your indoor grow and keep it discreet. Ultimately, a quality carbon filter is an important investment in ensuring the success of your indoor grow by eliminating unwanted odors and creating a more comfortable environment for you and those around you.

Advantages of this PF PRO carbon filter

The PF carbon filter offers many advantages and benefits for your indoor cultivation. It eliminates unwanted odors, thanks to its high performance it promotes the growth of plants and improves their quality. It is also easy to maintain thanks to its two pre-filters and its compact 100% filling.

The PF carbon filter is easy to install and use. It comes with two pre-filters for immediate use. Instructions are provided with the product for optimal use.

Features :

  • Australian RC412 virgin coal steam activated at high temperature under reducing conditions
  • High iodine index: rapid and effective absorption
  • High contact surface: carefully calibrated granules
  • Low water-soluble ash content (<13%)
  • 65% CTC: retains 65% of its own density in volatile molecules
  • Compact filling: 100% filtration
  • Comes with two pre-filters
  • Available in six different sizes: Ø100 - 20cm length - 300m3/h || Ø125 - 30cm length - 500m3/h || Ø150 - 40cm length - 680m3/h || Ø150 - 60cm length - 900m3/h || Ø160mm - 40cm length - 800m3/h || Ø200 - 60cm length - 1125m3/h

I have been using the PF carbon filter for a few months now and am very pleased with its performance. It eliminates all odors and purifies the air in my grow room in no time!

Frequently asked questions about this product:

How do you know when to replace activated carbon?

It is recommended to replace activated carbon every 12 to 18 months depending on frequency of use and air quality.

How to clean the PF carbon filter?

The PF carbon filter is easy to maintain thanks to its two pre-filters. Simply remove the pre-filters and clean them with water approximately every 3 to 6 months. Activated carbon does not need to be cleaned.

How to install the PF carbon filter?

The PF carbon filter is easy to install. Simply secure it using the supplied hose clamps and connect it to your grow room's air exhaust.

Order it today and enjoy optimal air filtration for healthy plants!



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