How do I choose LED horticultural lighting for my 120x120cm space?

In 2022, LED horticultural lighting for 120x120cm cultivation boxes has multiplied. Today, light up your plants with a suitable and fairly simple LED system from the moment you know what your plants need. Many brands have come to flood the market in recent years, each bringing their share of technological innovation, as well as their new products.

GrowLED, the specialist in LED horticultural lighting for over 15 years, comes to your aid so that YOU can find the perfect lighting for your use and within your budget.

The GrowLED selection of LED horticultural lighting 2022 for a space of 120x120cm:

French know-how - BloomLED SpectraWild M720

With 15 years of experience in the manufacture of LED horticultural lighting, the BloomLED range has been offering its customers quality products for many years, with a long lifespan and a breathtaking finish. But it is not on these strengths that the added value of the SpectraWILD range lies. BloomLED experts have designed ultra-full-spectrum LED lighting for indoor growing. The spectrum offered on this product is very complete with different mixtures of white and the addition of UV and Infrared distributed evenly over all the lighting.

Features: Dimmer Included + Management Console (sold separately)

The price of French know-how: 1159 € including tax

All about the SpectraWild M720!


Spanish heat - PureLed 645W

PureLED 645W powerful lighting for indoor cultivation, freshly landed from the hot Spanish lands. Excellent value for money, PureLED offers a complete spectrum optimized for important growth phases. This LED horticultural lighting will allow you to cultivate your plants without any worries and without light deficiencies. All compatible with an intelligent management console.
3 year warranty.

Features: Variable dimmer included + Management console (Sold separately)

The price of the Spanish heat: 998€ TTC

All about the PureLED 645W!

British Trust: Cannaled Spider Pro 720W

The CannaLED Spider Pro 720W, the most complete LED horticultural lighting available for a 120x120cm growing space. Featuring two channels to promote growth and flowering. The first is growth oriented with a full spectrum that will stay on throughout the growing phase of your plants. The second most precise and a full UV and Infrared channel, this range of light will allow you to control your flowering phase precisely. An increase in production and yield, the Spider Pro 720W is extremely complete and efficient horticultural lighting for your indoor crops.
5 year warranty.

Features: 2 Dimmers included (1 per channel) + Management Console (Sold Separately)

The price of English trust: 1099€ TTC

All about the CannaLED Spider Pro 720W!

American Power: HLG Scorpion Diablo

The American champion in the matter. The HLG Scorpion Diablo develops 650W of pure power. The HLG teams in the United States designed horticultural LED lighting combining Samsung LM301H and deep red LEDs. HLG panels are all designed based on high efficiency Quantum Board perfect for indoor plant growth and flowering. Fixed between 45 and 60cm from the top of the plants, it will allow high penetration into the canopy.
3 year warranty.

Features : Variable dimmer included

The price of American power: €1738.80 including tax

All about the HLG Scorpion Diablo!

Portuguese efficiency: Lumatek 600W Pro 2.9

Certainly one of the best known, the Lumatek 600W Pro 2.9 is LED horticultural lighting perfectly suited to an area of ​​120x120cm. Its complete spectrum will allow you to carry out your culture in all serenity. As efficient in growth as in flowering, the Lumatek 600W Pro 2.9 allows very good penetration into the canopy, which allows you to obtain abundant harvests. Certified IP65 and equipped with a passive heat sink, it is in all respects very good. The only downside is its price.
5 year warranty.

Features: Variable dimmer included + Management console (Sold separately)

The price of Portuguese efficiency: €1174.90 including tax

All about the Lumatek 600W Pro 2.9 !

To conclude

As you may have noticed, there are many LED horticultural lighting for your plants, whether you are growing in soil, hydro, aero or other, will necessarily have lighting for you.
Are you still hesitating? Call us, we will be happy to guide you on the lighting adapted to your needs