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Indoor gardening is a field that deals with the care and growth of plants inside. It can include information on different types of plants, their light, water, and nutrient needs, as well as gardening techniques such as pruning, repotting, and pollination. It may also include advice on selecting containers, substrates, and gardening tools. Indoor gardening may also include information on creating optimal growth environments for plants such as greenhouses and automated irrigation systems. In short, this category encompasses all the information needed for indoor gardening, taking care and growing plants inside, as well as tips for improving plant growth conditions.

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  • HomeBox : The Ideal Grow Room for Indoor Gardeners
    HomeBox : The Ideal Grow Room for Indoor Gardeners

    Discover Homebox, experts in grow rooms for indoor gardening. This article presents the flagship Ambient and Vista ranges, ideal for indoor growers.Homebox offers powerful solutions to optimize the growth of your plants. Take advantage of Growled's fast delivery (24h in France and Europe) and payment in 10 times to acquire your Homebox.

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  • Pack de culture intérieure complet : une affaire abordable et de qualité
    Pack de culture intérieure complet : une affaire abordable et de qualité

    This article is about complete indoor growing packages that offer affordable and quality products and equipment for successful indoor gardening. The package includes professional-grade equipment such as grow lights, fans, humidifiers, nutrients, gardening tools, and expert tips. Several packages are available to meet different needs and budgets, and there is a payment option of 10 installments with Alma to make the purchase more accessible. These packages provide all the necessary elements...

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  • Cultivation packs are getting a makeover on GrowLED!
    Cultivation packs are getting a makeover on GrowLED!

    Growled offers a new range of indoor growing packs including various items such as LED lights, grow chambers, extractors, charcoal filters, pots, potting soil, trays, sleeves, fertilizers, etc. The packs are now more varied and include a complete pack, a complete pack without charcoal filter, a LED light + box pack, a multi-light pack, a ventilation pack, a YouTube pack, and a tool to compose your own pack.

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  • Choose your air intractor for my indoor culture
    Choose your air intractor for my indoor culture

    The article explains the usefulness of an air intractor for indoor growing. If the growing space is confined or if the air comes from a cooler room, an intravenous may be needed to keep the plants healthy. When using a large grow room or closing the windows of the grow room, an intravenous will also be required. It is important to choose an appropriate wattage for the intravenous to avoid positive pressure. If a charcoal filter is used, an intractor with 35% less power than the extractor is...

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  • Airbomz CO2 Diffuser
    Airbomz CO2 Diffuser

    The Airbomz is a CO2 diffusion device for small and medium indoor growing spaces. It has a built-in light sensor and a remote control to control the CO2 diffusion. With Airbomz, you can achieve higher temperatures and humidity levels for better plant growth and pest deterrence. It can be programmed to spray at different time intervals (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 minutes or 2, 4 hours) or according to light (built-in light sensor) or according to time (24-hour function). Simply program the spray...

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  • The hidden face of plants
    The hidden face of plants

    This article discusses the life of plants and flowers, from their birth to their aging. It describes the different stages of plant growth, including germination, the development of the vegetative apparatus (roots, stems, and leaves), growth, flowering, pollination, and fruit formation. It also highlights that there are annual, biennial, and perennial plants, each with a different life cycle. It also explains how the seeds of some plants must undergo the cold of winter to germinate when...

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