Lumatek Control Panel - Controller for Lumatek LED lights


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Discover the LUMATEK CONTROL PANEL controller, perfect for managing your Lumatek LED lights with simplicity and efficiency!

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The LUMATEK CONTROL PANEL is ideal for controlling your LUMATEK lights easily and effectively. This controller uses innovative technology since it intelligently monitors temperature, light synchronization, automation ... You will thus be able to perfectly manage the amount of light emitted to your plants, during the growth and flowering phases.

control panel lumatek

lumatek control panel

Lumatek Control Panel features

  • Connectable with Lumatek Controllable Ballasts 315w, 630w, 600w & 1000w
  • Pro in-line TRS (Headphone) link
  • Digital timing, automation, dimming and safety control
  • Smart room temperature maintenance
  • Automatic sunrise / sunset function
  • Control up to 400 ballasts (200 ballasts per channel – Zone A & B)

  • Power: DC5V/2A
  • Match Ballast: 250w, 315w, 400w, 600w, 630w, 750w, 1000w
  • Control Command Time Interval: 2S
  • Power Dimming Scope: 60% - 110%
  • Power Regulation Accuracy: 1%
  • Temperature-controlled Adjustable Inspection Scope: 0ºC-40ºC
  • Temperature-controlled Protection Inspection Scope: 10ºC-50ºC
  • Sunrise and Sunset Duration: 0-30 min
  • Dimensions: 125mm x 80mm x 25mm

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