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  • Rhino Series 560 - 3500K
    Marque : CannaLED

    RHINO 560 V3 is a LED horticultural lighting ideal for growing and flowering plants indoors. It adapts perfectly to the growing box. Thanks to its Samsung LM301B LEDs and its 660nm red LEDs, it will help your plants to develop in the best conditions.Rhino 560 is also dimmable (dimmer provided).

    896,67 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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  • TITAN 5 - Powerful LED Grow Light - 500W - Mobile...

    TITAN 5 from the American company Cirrus LED Systems is a LED horticultural lamp with a luminous power of 500 Watts. Highly efficient and easy to use, it will be suitable for both amateur growers and professionals looking for quality LED horticultural lighting.This lamp will allow you to illuminate an area of ​​culture up to 150cm x 150cm.

    2 082,50 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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  • Horticultural lamp led growth and flowering - CREE - 500W...
    Marque : CannaLED

    This LED CannaLED 500 horticultural lamp has very good LEDs 5000k CREE CXA 2540 COB and multiple 5W Bridgelux leds.This LED horticultural lighting produces a complete spectrum for the growth and flowering of your plants with 12 wavelengths.

    657,50 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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  • Tarantula 1000 - 480W Indoorled - Horticultural Led
    Marque : IndoorLed

    With the Tarantula 1000 / 480W, from the manufacturer Indoorled, you have an ideal lighting equipment to direct the maximum light diffusion to your indoor plants.

    1 582,50 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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  • PhytoLED Clorofilla CREE 3070 495 - LED Horticultural...
    Marque : Phytolite

    CLOROFILLA brings together Phytolite's know-how in the field of lighting design for indoor growing and the experience of two world leaders considered in the design and manufacture of LED lighting: CREE and OSRAM.

    1 215,83 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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  • SpectraMODULE X540 V5 - Powerful Lighting for Indoor Culture
    Marque : BloomLED

    Discover the SpectraMODULE X540 V5, the powerful LED horticultural lighting from the BloomLED brand! Simple, durable and ultra-efficient, the X540 is the ideal panel for indoor growing.Control the lighting in your growbox perfectly thanks to the management console.

    804,17 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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  • SPIDER Series 500 - 100cm x 100cm - 8 bars - Dimmable
    Marque : CannaLED

    Discover Spider Series 500, powerful lighting for growing indoors, during growth and flowering! This lighting from the CannaLED brand produces a complete spectrum that is effective and optimized for plants!Dimension 1000 * 1000x91mm - Culture area: 180cm x 180cm - Dimmable (dimmer provided)Available in 3 sizes: 50cm x 50cm / 100cm x 50cm / 100cm x 100cm

    824,17 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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