Reduced price! Quantum Bears 340W - Powerful Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Lighting - Calitek Expand

Quantum Bears 340W - Powerful Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Lighting - Calitek

  • Full Spectrum Light : Ensures balanced growth.
  • Peak energy yield : 2.8 µmol/J, ideal for maximizing productivity.
  • Increased power : 340W, ideal for larger growing spaces.
  • Durable design : Built to last and easy to maintain.
  • Ready for control : Compatible with 0-10V signal controllers.

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Introducing the Quantum Bears 340W - Maximum Power for Optimum Growth

Are you looking to optimize the growth of your indoor plants with the best possible lighting? Do not search anymore. The Quantum Bears 340W is the most advanced lighting solution currently available on the market. This LED lighting offers incredible power while maintaining impressive energy efficiency. In addition, its full light spectrum, which includes white, red, UV and IR light, ensures optimal plant growth at all stages of development.

The characteristics of the Quantum Bears 340W

Key features of the Quantum Bears 340W include 340W power consumption, 986μmol/s light output, and 2.9μmol/J efficiency. These values ​​are indicative of the exceptional power of this lighting and its remarkable energy efficiency. With the Quantum Bears 340W, you can be sure your plants are getting all the light they need for efficient photosynthesis.

Additionally, the Quantum Bears 340W features a power factor of over 0.90, ensuring efficient use of energy. Its compatibility with the majority of external 0-10V controllers offers great flexibility to adjust the light intensity. In addition, its compact dimensions of 740 x 1130 x 40mm and its net weight of 8.2 kg make it easy to install in a

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this lighting suitable for all stages of growth of my plants? Yes, the Quantum Bears 340W offers a full light spectrum, making it perfect for all stages of your plants development, from germination to fruiting.

  2. How can this lighting increase the productivity of my crop? The Quantum Bears 340W combines white, red, UV and IR light to promote robust growth, generous flowering and abundant fruiting. Its high energy output means your plants receive more photosynthesis-beneficial light per watt of energy consumed.

  3. Does this lighting consume a lot of energy? No, the Quantum Bears 340W is remarkable for its energy efficiency. It produces an ideal amount of light for photosynthesis while consuming a minimal amount of energy. If you cultivate in the growth phase at 18H/d, count around 12€/month of electricity consumption and a little less in the flowering phase at 12H/d.

  4. How to install this light? The Quantum Bears 340W comes with all the hardware needed for installation. Its light weight and compact design make it easy to fit into your grow space.

Technical characteristics

  • Power consumption: 340W
  • Light output: 952 μmol/s
  • Product dimensions: 700 x 700 x 50mm
  • Packaging carton dimensions: 785 x 785 x 85mm
  • Net / Gross Weight: 3.4 Kg / 4.5 Kg
  • Light source: Composed of Honglitronic SMD2835 x 1008pcs + SMD3535 x 52pcs
  • PPF efficiency: 2.8 μmol/J
  • Couleur de LED : 4000K White + 660nm Red + 390nm UV + 740nm IR
  • Spectrum: Covers a full spectrum, including UV and IR
  • Power Voltage/Frequency: Accepts AC100-277V voltage at 50/60Hz frequency
  • Power supply: Uses a Sosen LED Driver
  • Power factor: Greater than 0.90
  • Control: Supports master and slave daisy-chain control, compatible with any external 0-10V controller
  • Dispensing angle: 120°
  • Operating temperature: Can operate in a temperature range of -25° to 35°C
  • Warranty: Backed by a 3 year warranty


The Quantum Bears 340W is an undeniable powerhouse for indoor growing. Offering remarkable light output, exceptional energy efficiency and impressive durability, this light offers everything you need to maximize your crop yield. Don't miss this opportunity to improve the productivity of your indoor cultivation. Order the Quantum Bears 340W today!



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