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  • Solid Grow Box Bonanza Clima 1m ² - 176cm x 118cm x 78cm...

    Discover the cabinet of culture Bonanza Clima 1m ² of 176cm x 118cm x 78cm, ideal to cultivate 15 pots of 6,5L or 12 pots of 11L.Supplied with 2-speed extractor, charcoal filter and silencer.

    728,33 €
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  • Culture cabinet G-CLONER Mini - 2 floors 160cm x 60cm...

    Discover the solid culture cabinet G-CLONER MINI, ideal for indoor cultivation of its cuttings, on two floors.This cabinet has a 2-speed G-TOOLS extractor 220 / 360m3 / h and a Prima Klima K2601 carbon filter of 360m3.

    880,00 €
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  • G-TOOLS Bonanza Mini - Armoire de culture 0,35m² - 176 x 61 x 61cm
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    G-TOOLS Bonanza Mini - Solid culture box 0.35m² - 176 x...
    Marque : G-Tools

    Grow serenely indoors with the solid G-Tools Mini 0.35m² grow box, 176 x 61 x 61cm.Extraction with outlet diameter 12 <5mm - Passive extraction x3 diameter 70mmSolid grow box: PVC / XPS

    332,50 €
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  • Wardrobe 60cm x 60cm x 120cm - Complete kit with box +...
    Marque : G-Tools

    This culture cabinet of the brand G-Tools is delivered with extractor, charcoal filter and mechanical programmer to turn on and off your lamp automatically.It is ideal for growers who require a high-end culture cabinet. Constructed of PVC / XPS / PVC, this room of culture of 60cm x 60cm will allow you to cultivate 9 pots of 6.5l or 4 pots of 11L.

    407,50 €
    All taxes included for Europeans customers
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