AUTO FLOWERING fertilizer pack - BIONOVA - Used by the GrowLED team

This AutoFlowering fertilizer pack is designed for growing plants in auto flo ;-)

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Pack description

This fertilizer pack optimizes autoflowering plants, which do not depend on the length of the day to flower.

This pack includes:

     AutoFlowering 1 liter: main fertilizer
     Roots 250ml: ideal for root development.
     Zym 250ml: biocatalyst, stimulates bacterial activity.
     PK 13/14 250ml: Flowering boost
     250ml: trace elements for growth and flowering.
     X-Cel 250ml: stimulating growth & flowering

Pack content

Discover AutoFlower SuperMix 1L from Bio Nova, specially designed to optimize autoflowering! It allows to obtain excellent results easily and quickly!

AutoFlower SuperMix 1L from BioNova is an ideal solution for autoflowering. It provides excellent results quickly!

Autoflower SuperMix has an NPK ratio of 5-2-5 and adapts perfectly to the specific needs of autoflowering plants. Thanks to its trace elements and fermented algae you will get generous crops!

Thanks to its organic additives such as fermented herbs and algae, AutoFlowering SuperMix allows:

  • Stimulating hormone production and the immune system
  • Increased strengthening of the root system
  • Preservation and stimulation of microorganisms

AutoFlower SuperMix is ​​essentially composed of macro-elements (NO3, NH4, NH2, P, K, Ca, Mg and Si), chelated trace elements (Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu and Mo) as well as extracts vitalizing organic from algae and herbs.


From the first week of growth: From 20ml to 40ml for 10L of water.

Dosage PK 13-14: start with 2 ml from the second week of flowering up to 10 ml. for 10 liters.
In areas with a low calcium- (fresh water) value Ca 15 should be added.

BN Roots by BIO NOVA is a powerful root stimulator based on algae and vegetable proteins. Thanks to him, your plants will easily and quickly produce many roots.

BN Roots is used in conventional watering or in a drip irrigation system.

BN Roots 250 ml of BIO NOVA is an ultra-efficient root stimulator which can be used in addition to other fertilizers or care products. It is largely composed of algae and vegetable proteins. Thanks to its humic acids, it considerably improves the absorption of oxygen, root development and even that of cells.

Thanks to the Kelp which helps with the cicatrization, it cures the chloroses and increases the production of chlorophyll.

This root stimulator contains vitamins, ascorbic acids (C) and Thiamine (B1).

It also uses Myo-inositol which allows the formation of cell walls and L-glycine which offers better resistance and better development.

BN Roots remains effective during all root formation (around 1 month). When planting, you just need to mix 10ml of BN Roots for 1L of water and apply this preparation all at once.

Discover the natural biocatalyst BN-Zym from Bionova! Composed mainly of specific enzymes, it increases the quality of the culture substrate in order to make it more effective.

Thanks to BN ZYM 250ml, you will improve the retention capacity of your substrate, whatever it is, and you will increase the porosity on the surface, allowing water to penetrate more easily.

BN ZYM 250ML from BIONOVA is an effective natural biocatalyst for indoor growing! It allows, thanks to its specific enzymes to improve a substrate by increasing its retention capacity as well as the porosity on the surface. You will get a substrate that easily absorbs water, draining more oxygen!

Enzymes are special proteins that serve as catalysts in many biochemical processes. They change carbohydrates into alcohol in just a few seconds.

These enzymes do not produce waste or by-products thanks to the activity of beneficial bacteria which transform nutrients and minerals into elements absorbable by plants. This will keep your substrate clean, without waste and excess elements.

Your plants will grow in a balanced environment and they will be less susceptible to diseases!


  • Earth / coconut substrate: 30 ml / 100 liters of water
  • Rock wool substrate: 30 ml / 100 liters of water
  • NFT / AQUA: 50 ml / 100 liters of water

Discover the BN P-K 13-14 phosphorus / Potassium liquid complex from Bio Nova! Very easily assimilated by plants, this mixture uses potassium to stimulate flowering and phosphorus promotes the development of healthy roots and a generous flowering.

BN P-K 13-14 is a concentrate of phosphorus and potassium which promotes and stimulates flowering of plants.

Dosage :

  • Dosage for the 1st week of flowering: Your fertilizer + 0.25 ml of Hesi P-K 13-14 per liter of water,
  • Dosage for the 2nd week of flowering: Your fertilizer + 0.75 ml of Hesi P-K 13-14 per liter of water,
  • Dosage for the 3rd week of flowering: Your fertilizer + 1 ml of Hesi P-K 13-14 per liter of water,
  • Dosage for all other weeks of flowering: Your fertilizer + 1 to 1.5 ml of Hesi P-K 13-14 per Liter of water
  • Dosage for the last week of flowering: stop all fertilizers and use BN Vitrasol.

You must apply BN P-K 13-14 in addition to the main fertilizer you are using, namely:

  • BN Sol Supermix: soil cultivation with manual watering,
  • BN Hydro Supermix: hydroponics or soil cultivation in automatic irrigation,
  • BN NFT / Aqua Supermix: hydroponics without substrate.

Discover The Missing Link by Bio Nova, which will protect vis okabtes from harmful external influences by stimulating its natural defenses.

The Missing Link also significantly increases yield!

Composed of a large number of trace elements essential for growth and flowering, The Missing Link by BIO NOVA above all helps protect your plants from harmful external influences.

This stimulator helps strengthen the natural defenses of plants, but also increases the quality and quantity of crops.

Qualified as "The Missing Link" or The Missing Link, it is one of the only solutions to date to solve this kind of problem.

The Missing Link can be used with the X-Cel Booster.

The dosage:

  • Continuous: add the TML at a dosage of 50 ml per 100L, in the nutrient solution tank (i.e. 1: 2000).
  • In watering 1 time per week, add the TML to a dosage of 200 ml per 100L of nutrient solution (i.e. 1: 500).
  • In spraying: the dosage is 1 ml per liter (1: 1000). Overdose is impossible.
  • We recommend applying TML the first week of growth to the last week of flowering.
  • It can be mixed with any fertilizer.

Discover X-CEL Booster from Bio Nova, the ideal biological stimulant for growth and flowering. Thanks to him, you will increase your production by 10 to 20%!

Get a generous harvest and impeccable quality!

Composed of vitamins, natural stimulants for growth and flowering, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, trace elements, kelp or humic acids, X-CEL Booster will considerably optimize the yield of your crop.

X-CEL Booster from BIO NOVA uses organic extracts to allow plants to boost their metabolism. They thus more easily develop their root system, which prevents leaf fall.

You can thus boost the flowering of plants to obtain more abundant harvests of 10 to 25%.

You can mix X-Cel Booster with any fertilizer and any type of substrate.

Dosage: 10ml for 10 liters of nutritive solution.