AUTO FLOWERING fertilizer pack - BIONOVA - Used by the GrowLED team

This AutoFlowering fertilizer pack is designed for growing auto flo plants ;-)

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Pack description

This fertilizer pack allows you to optimize auto-flowering plants, which do not depend on the length of the day to flower.

This pack includes:

  • AutoFlowering 1 liter: main fertilizer
  • Roots 250ml: ideal for root development.
  • Zym 250ml: biocatalyst, stimulates bacterial activity.
  • PK 13/14 250ml: Flowering boost
  • 250ml: trace elements for growth and flowering.
  • X-Cel 250ml: growth & flowering stimulant

Pack content

Discover AutoFlower SuperMix 1L from Bio Nova , specially designed to optimize auto-flowering! It allows you to obtain excellent results easily and quickly!

AutoFlower SuperMix 1L from BioNova is an ideal solution for autoflowering. It allows you to obtain excellent results quickly!

Autoflower SuperMix has an NPK ratio of 5-2-5 and adapts perfectly to the particular needs of autoflowering plants. Thanks to its trace elements and fermented algae you will obtain generous harvests!

Thanks to its organic additives such as fermented herbs and algae, AutoFlowering SuperMix allows:

  • Stimulation of hormone production and the immune system
  • Increased strengthening of the root system
  • Preservation and stimulation of microorganisms

AutoFlower SuperMix is essentially composed of macroelements (NO3, NH4, NH2, P, K, Ca, Mg and Si), chelated trace elements (Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu and Mo) as well as extracts vitalizing organic products from algae and herbs.


From the first week of growth: From 20ml to 40ml per 10L of water.

Dosage PK 13-14: start with 2 ml from the second week of flowering up to 10 ml. for 10 liters.

In areas with a low calcium value (fresh water) Ca 15 should be added.

  • Increases plant resilience with L-glycine.
  • Promotes cell wall formation with Myo-inositol.
  • Speeds up recovery from chlorosis and enhances chlorophyll production.
  • Improves oxygen absorption and root development with humic acids.
  • Maintains effectiveness throughout root formation for lasting results.

Boost the root growth of your plants with BN Roots from BIONOVA, a powerful root stimulator formulated with algae and plant proteins. Stimulate rapid and abundant root production for vigorous and healthy plants.

Expert Cultivator's Review:
"BN Roots has truly revolutionized the growth of my plants. With its formula enriched with humic acids, kelp, and vitamins, my crops have experienced a significant increase in root and chlorophyll production."

Unique Advantages:

  • Promotes rapid and abundant root formation.
  • Improves oxygen absorption and cell development with humic acids.
  • Heals chloroses and boosts chlorophyll production with the addition of kelp.
  • Enriched with vitamins and ascorbic acids for healthy growth.
  • Remains effective throughout the root formation phase, approximately one month.
  • Increases substrate water retention capacity.
  • Promotes better root aeration through increased surface porosity.
  • Stimulates optimal absorption of water and oxygen by plants.
  • Maintains a clean substrate by enhancing beneficial bacterial activity.
  • Strengthens plant resistance to diseases for healthy and vigorous growth.

Discover the power of enzymes with BN ZYM from Bionova! This natural biocatalyst is specially designed to improve the quality of your growing substrate, providing an optimal environment for your plants to thrive.

Expert Cultivator Review:

"BN ZYM transformed my indoor growing. With improved water retention and better substrate porosity, my plants flourished like never before."

Key Benefits:

  • Improves substrate water retention, ensuring optimal hydration for plants.
  • Increases surface porosity of the substrate, promoting better root aeration.
  • Enhances efficient absorption of water and oxygen by plants, stimulating growth.
  • Maintains a clean and balanced substrate by promoting beneficial bacteria activity.
  • Strengthens plant disease resistance by creating a healthy and balanced growing environment.

Don't wait any longer to give your plants the best possible start with Bionova's BN ZYM.

  • Accelerates flowering process for quicker harvests.
  • Enhances root development, leading to stronger, healthier plants.
  • Maximizes flower production for bountiful yields.
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation ensures hassle-free application.
  • Compatible with various cultivation methods, including soil and hydroponics.

Discover Bio Nova's BN P-K 13-14 liquid phosphorus/potassium complex! It stimulates flowering and promotes root development for healthy plants. This concentrate of phosphorus and potassium is essential for abundant flowering.

Expert Cultivator Review:

"I've used BN P-K 13-14, and my plants thrived like never before. Luxuriant flowering and robust roots, everything I needed for a successful harvest."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Should I use BN P-K 13-14 with another fertilizer?
    • Yes, it's recommended to use it in conjunction with your main fertilizer for optimal results.
  2. How do I dose BN P-K 13-14 during flowering?
    • Follow the recommended dosages for each week of flowering, adjusting as per your plants' needs.
  3. Is it suitable for all types of cultivation?
    • Yes, BN P-K 13-14 is suitable for soil, hydroponic, and NFT/Aqua cultivation.
  4. Can I stop using BN P-K 13-14 at the end of flowering?
    • Yes, discontinue use one week before harvest and switch to BN Vitrasol for the final week.
  5. Is it compatible with other Bionova fertilizers?
    • Yes, it can be used with BN Sol Supermix, BN Hydro Supermix, and BN NFT/Aqua Supermix.
  • Strengthens plant's natural defenses
  • Significantly increases yield
  • Protects plants from harmful external influences
  • Enhances quality and quantity of harvests
  • Provides a unique solution for optimizing growth and flowering

Protect your plants from harmful external influences and boost their natural defenses with The Missing Link from Bio Nova. This product, composed of essential trace elements, strengthens your plants' health and enhances their yield. Nicknamed "The Missing Link," it offers a unique solution to optimize growth and flowering. Use The Missing Link continuously or in weekly watering for remarkable results. Compatible with X-Cel Booster for increased effectiveness."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I use The Missing Link with other fertilizers?

A: Yes, The Missing Link can be mixed with any fertilizer for optimal results.

Q: What is the recommended dosage for weekly watering?

A: Add 200 ml of The Missing Link to 100 liters of nutrient solution once a week.

Q: When should I apply The Missing Link?

A: We recommend using it from the first week of growth to the last week of flowering for optimal results.

  • Promotes root development
  • Increases plant resilience to stress
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Stimulates flowering for richer yields
  • Compatible with all types of fertilizers and substrates

Discover X-CEL Booster from Bio Nova, the ideal organic stimulant for exceptional growth and flowering. With X-CEL Booster, your production will increase by 10 to 20%, ensuring abundant harvests and impeccable quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases production by 10 to 20%
  • Promotes generous harvests and superior quality
  • Composed of vitamins, natural stimulants, beneficial bacteria, and enzymes
  • Stimulates plant metabolism for optimal root development
  • Boosts flowering for up to 25% more abundant harvests

Expert Cultivator Review:

"X-CEL Booster from Bio Nova has revolutionized my cultivation. Thanks to its organic and comprehensive formula, I've seen a significant increase in my production while improving the quality of my harvests."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Can X-CEL Booster be used with other fertilizers?
  2. A: Yes, you can mix X-Cel Booster with any fertilizer.
  3. Q: What is the recommended dosage?
  4. A: Use 10ml for every 10 liters of nutrient solution.