Extractor Prima Klima WHSP2 - Ø125mm - 2 speed - 360 / 460m³ / h Prima Klima - 1 Expand

Extractor Prima Klima WHSP2 - Ø125mm - 2 speed - 360 / 460m³ / h


Discover the Ø125mm Prima Klima WHSP2 air extractor. Thanks to its very efficient and discreet AC motor, you can easily control the climate in your grow box!

Whisperblower is a range of extractors with integrated silencer. Their unique interior design makes them 2.5 times quieter, supporting 15% more pressure than other extractors in their class.

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Why Choose This Extractor - "WhisperBlower"

Welcome to the world of indoor cultivation, where air quality is paramount for healthy and robust plants. The WhisperBlower air extractor stands out as the ideal choice for indoor cultivation enthusiasts. Let's explore together the reasons that make this product a must-have.

Technical Features of This Extractor

The WhisperBlower offers unparalleled performance with its two impressive speeds:

I. 360m³/h
II. 460 m³/h

This professional fan, developed in collaboration with ebm-papst Motoren, features a premium two-step AC motor. Its design has been reconsidered to optimize airflow, providing incomparable measurement results. The exceptional efficiency of this product relies on energy consumption equivalent to conventional models, while generating less noise.

Notable features include:

  • Powerful and Quiet: The ebm-papst AC motor ensures powerful performance while maintaining minimal noise levels.

  • Optimized Aerodynamic Shape: The redesigned shape creates increased pressure, enhancing the overall efficiency of the extractor.

  • Impact-Resistant Housing: Made from flame-proof polyamide (nylon), the housing ensures exceptional durability and impact resistance.

  • Integrated Connection and Control System: The connection system is intelligently integrated into the housing for simplified use.

Advantages of This Extractor - "WhisperBlower"

  1. Energy Efficiency: Thanks to its new design, the WhisperBlower offers remarkable energy efficiency, reducing costs associated with electricity consumption.

  2. Acoustic Comfort: The advanced technology of this fan ensures cultivation in tranquility, limiting noise disturbances to a minimum.

  3. Exceptional Durability: The impact-resistant housing and high-quality materials ensure exceptional longevity, making the WhisperBlower a durable investment.

  4. Versatility in Use: The two available speeds offer flexibility tailored to different phases of cultivation, allowing precise control of the environment.

  5. Easy Installation: The integration of the connection system into the housing simplifies installation, ensuring hassle-free use.

5 Questions and Answers about "WhisperBlower"

  1. Why choose an extractor with two speeds?
    The WhisperBlower, with its two speeds, offers versatility to adjust the cultivation environment according to the specific needs of plants at different growth stages.

  2. What sets the ebm-papst premium AC motor apart?
    The premium AC motor from ebm-papst ensures powerful performance while maintaining minimal noise, providing an optimal balance between efficiency and comfort.

  3. How does the optimized aerodynamic design improve efficiency?
    The redesigned design creates increased pressure, improving airflow and maximizing the efficiency of the extractor.

  4. What are the benefits of the flame-proof polyamide housing?
    The flame-proof polyamide housing ensures exceptional impact resistance, guaranteeing the durability of the product in demanding conditions.

  5. How does the integrated connection system simplify installation?
    The integration of the connection system into the housing facilitates installation, offering a convenient solution for indoor cultivation enthusiasts.

Explore Further: For additional tips on managing odors during indoor cultivation, check out our article on how to manage odors during indoor cultivation. Choose the WhisperBlower, the air extractor that revolutionizes your indoor cultivation experience



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Data sheet

Diameter - Ø125 mm
Flow in m3360 - 460m³/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterYes
Speed managementYes
Type of extractor2 Speeds