Silent Pack - Extractor M 150mm 550m3 / h - Charcoal filter ProActiv 150mm 840m3 / h

Discover the silence pack including a Silent M 150mm 550m3 / h extractor, a ProActiv 150mm 840m3 / h carbon filter, a soundproof Phonic Trap 160mm sheath and 3 cable ties!

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290,92 €

Pack content

Are you looking for a silent extractor for your growing space? You are in the right place !

The TT Silent M 150mm 550m3 / h extractor is enclosed in a soundproofing box allowing it to be silent and powerful at the same time.

Diameter: 150mm

The TT Silent M 150mm 550m3 / h extractor is powerful and quiet. It is equipped with a variator allowing it to switch to two extraction speeds if you wish. It is enclosed in a soundproofing box, which allows it to be completely silent.

This extractor combines the characteristics of two axial and centrifugal fans, which allows it to offer a powerful air current with high pressure. Its housing is made of steel coated with a polymer. Its interior is perforated, which lets sound waves pass through the envelope of sound-absorbing material.

Its diameter is 150mm and its flow is 550m3 / h.


  • Air outlet diameters: 150 mm
  • Equipped with 2 speeds which can be modified according to the connection you have set up.
  • Flow: 405 m3 / h or 550 m3 / h
  • Consumption: 45 W to 52 W
  • Length: 580 mm
  • Width: 274mm
  • Height: 260mm

Data sheet

Product weight7.8 kg
Diameter - Ø150 mm
Flow in m3550 m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterNo
Speed managementNo

The ProActiv 840m3 / h 150mm carbon filter from Garden HighPro makes it possible to filter all bad smells!

Filled with virgin coconut carbon filtre, the ProActiv 840m3 / h carbon filter filters all odors. It light and efficient.

Thanks to its several layers of wool tightly coupled, this filter prevents any air intake. It has a much higher airflow than the usual charcoal filters.

The ProActiv 840m3 / h carbon filter is also easy to hang because it has 2 rings, perfect for hooks or straps.

Its dimensions are 45cm in height and 29,5cm in diameter.

Flange diameter: 150mm
Max filtration: 840m3 / h
Height: 45cm
Weight: 2.5kg

Data sheet

Diameter - Ø150 mm
Flow in m3840 m3/h
Speed managementNo

Discover the Phonic Trap 3m and 160mm diameter pre-cut sheath! This sheath offers absolute comfort by immediately reducing the noise level of the air flow passing through it.

100% French manufacturing

The high quality Phonic Trap 3m 160mm duct is ideal for reducing the often unpleasant sound level of air flow. It reduces noise by around 50% compared to a conventional aluminum sheath. It is completely light-tight thanks to its black coating.

This sheath adapts to all types of extractors, intractors or even aerators.

Its composition:

  • Microporous non-woven interior hose that absorbs noise. Its spiral frame is made of hard steel.
  • Its second layer of wadding comes from a product of sustainable development
  • Black plastic-coated aluminum exterior hose with integrated vapor barrier

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.

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