Panneau Horticole LED - SpectraPANEL X200 - 200W - BloomLED - Croissance et Floraison Expand

LED Horticultural Panel - SpectraPANEL X200 - 200W - BloomLED - Growth and Flowering


Efficiency: 2.6 mol/J
     Power: 200W
     Lighting area: 80cm x 80cm
     Dimmable: 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% - EXT(For management console)
     Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 7cm
     2 years warranty
     Plug and Play - Suspension kit supplied

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320 Watts

Lighting aera

80 x 80cm


2 years


200 Watts





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SpectraPanel X200 - The ultimate LED horticultural lighting for optimal indoor growing

Introducing the SpectraPanel X200

Growing a bumper indoor crop has never been easier with the SpectraPanel X200 LED horticultural lighting panel , a 200-watt . Weighing only 3 kg and designed for growing spaces from 80x80cm to 100x100cm , the SpectraPanel X200 is the ideal tool for those looking to cultivation optimize their indoor . It's time to take it to the next level!

SpectraPanel X200 Key Features

Optimization of light intensity

Thanks to its intelligent adjustment system, the SpectraPanel X200 offers exceptional performance while guaranteeing the best value for money . You have full control of the light intensity, allowing you to adapt it according to the specific needs of your plants.

The SpectraPanel X200 offers a square lighting area, maximizing every inch of your grow space . No more shady areas or plants struggling to get the light they need.

High-end horticultural LEDs

The integrated TOP BIN and LEDStar 660nm LEDs guarantee a complete light spectrum , ideal for every phase of growth and flowering . With the SpectraPanel X200, your plants always get the ideal light they need to thrive.


Ease of use

With its ergonomic design and ease of installation, the SpectraPanel X200 is a breeze to use. Its light intensity adjustment system allows you to optimize the growing environment according to the needs of your plants.


Ready to use

Indoor growing has never been easier. The SpectraPanel X200 comes with everything needed for easy installation. Just plug it in to start growing. In addition, its maximum cultivation area of ​​100cm x 100cm makes the SpectraPanel X200 the ideal tool to maximize your harvests.

Discreet ventilation system

The SpectraPanel X200 features an exceptionally efficient and almost completely silent ventilation system, ensuring optimal operation of the LED horticultural lighting while minimizing noise pollution. This innovative system allows efficient heat dissipation, thus extending the life of your LEDs while ensuring a quiet environment conducive to the growth of your plants. Low noise, no distractions - only top results for your indoor grow.


3 year warranty

At GrowLED, quality is a priority . That's why we offer a three-year warranty on the SpectraPanel X200, so you can farm with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions: The SpectraPanel X200 in Detail

What is the power consumption of the SpectraPanel X200?

This LED horticultural light panel has a controlled energy consumption of only 200 Watts, ensuring optimal brightness with maximum energy efficiency.

What is the maximum growing area covered by the SpectraPanel X200?

The SpectraPanel X200 is designed for cultivation boxes with dimensions between 80x80cm and 100x100cm, which allows it to cover an impressive cultivation area.

Is the SpectraPanel X200 suitable for both the growth phase and the flowering phase?

Absolutely! The SpectraPanel X200 is equipped with high-end LEDs that provide a full spectrum of light, suitable for all phases of your plants' growth, from germination to flowering.

How water resistant is the SpectraPanel X200?

Like the SpectraPanel X100, the X200 has an IP65 rating, which means it's fully dustproof and water resistant. So you can use it in humid growing environments without fear of damaging your lighting.

How big is the SpectraPanel X200?

The SpectraPanel X200 has the same size as the X100, but it remains easily integrated into most culture boxes. Or 40x30x7cm

What is the weight of the SpectraPanel X200?

Despite its impressive performance, the SpectraPanel X200 remains lightweight, weighing only 3 kg. This makes it easy to set up and move around as needed.

How long is the warranty for the SpectraPanel X200?

As with the SpectraPanel X100, the X200 is backed by a three-year warranty. At us, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and supporting our customers every step of their growing journey.



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Data sheet

Coverage area80 x 80cm
Type of UseGrowth and Flowering
Lighting typePanels
FunctionsDimmer and Console Compatibility
Thermal managementQuiet fans
PowerBetween 200W and 300W
LEDs power200 Watts
Power consumption200 Watts
HPS or MH equivalent320 Watts
Lens angle120°
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Daisy chainYes
Zero noiseNo
Product weight3kg
Product includesKit de suspensions
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years