Prima Klima 125 silencer pack with carbon filter and phonic sheath

You are looking to equip a culture room with an extraction system for an area of 60cm x 60cm or 80cm x 80cm, here is the perfect pack.

You just need to install it and get it running. We use a Prima Klima system with 2 speeds so that we can make it completely silent in speed 1.

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Pack content

Discover the Ø125mm Prima Klima WHSP2 air extractor. Thanks to its very efficient and discreet AC motor, you can easily control the climate in your grow box!

Whisperblower is a range of extractors with integrated silencer. Their unique interior design makes them 2.5 times quieter, supporting 15% more pressure than other extractors in their class.

Data sheet

Diameter - Ø125 mm
Flow in m3360 - 460m³/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterYes
Speed managementYes
Type of extractor2 Speeds

The ProActiv 125mm 460 m3 / h carbon filter by Garden Highpro makes it possible to filter all unpleasant odors during indoor growing!

Discover the ProActiv carbon filter from Garden HighPro. This filter has a 125mm flange for a maximum filtration capacity of 460 m3 / h.

ProActiv's Carbon Filter Multilayer Fleece Mat is molded directly to prevent unfiltered odors from escaping.

Diameter of the flange: 125mm
Max filtration: 460m3 / h
Height: 30cm
Filter diameter: 24cm
Weight: 1.96kg

Data sheet

SizeHeight: 30cm Filter diameter: 24cm
Product weight1,96 kg
Diameter - Ø125 mm
Flow in m3400m3 /h

Discover the Phonic Trap 3m and 127mm diameter pre-cut sheath! This sheath offers absolute comfort by immediately reducing the noise level of the air flow passing through it.

100% French manufacturing

The high quality Phonic Trap 3m 127mm duct is ideal for reducing the often unpleasant sound level of air flow. It reduces noise by around 50% compared to a conventional aluminum sheath. It is completely light-tight thanks to its black coating.

This sheath adapts to all types of extractors, intractors or even aerators.

Its composition:

  • Microporous non-woven interior hose that absorbs noise. Its spiral frame is made of hard steel.
  • Its second layer of wadding comes from a product of sustainable development
  • Black plastic-coated aluminum exterior hose with integrated vapor barrier

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.