S4W - Horticultural Lighting Wide Area Crop - 120W

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The homogeneous radiation of the S4W luminaire, provided by the optimized secondary lens for this system, gives your plants a uniformly distributed light. All the plants on the growing surface thus receive the same amount of light. This ensures homogeneous growth of the entire growing area, resulting in generous yields and invariably high quality.

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The S4W model has been developed for maximum light output for minimum consumption. The use of high-quality LEDs (special OSRAM lighting) and custom-made electronics makes it possible to achieve an efficiency of 2.9μmol / J for each light source. Combined with passive cooling, this system can generate a very high photon flux (PPF), up to 300 μmol / s, for an electricity consumption of only 140 W.

In addition to the efficiency of photosynthesis, the hormonal balance is also decisive for a rich and vigorous plant. This aspect is ensured by a light spectrum intended to reproduce the sunlight. The light emitted includes all the wavelengths of the domain PAR (400-730 nm), and in the right proportions. The continuous spectrum of the S4W luminaire avoids the saturation effects of the plants and improves the efficiency of photosynthesis. The spectrum is adapted to all phases of plant growth, from the vegetative phase to the generative phase.

Power consumption120W
Product weight2.85kg
Manufacturer's Warranty3 years

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