Complete pack PREMIUM ATTIS 300W Lumatek - Start your indoor growing

Do you want to start growing indoors under the ATTIS 300W LED horticultural lamp from Lumatek? This kit, designed by our team is the best so you don't miss a thing. You receive your kit at home by carrier, in discreet packages, you just have to assemble and plant ;-)

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Pack content

With its compact measurements of 1mx1mx2m, the new Homebox Ambient Q100 fits easily in most homes.
The Homebox Q100 mounts with ease. A few minutes of assembly are enough to obtain a perfect growing chamber. The assembly instructions are clear and precise.

The outside of the fabric is made of particularly strong woven fibers, the inner side is lined with a thick and solid reflective sheeting PE (polyethylene).
    All Homeboxes are equipped with high quality zippers securely sewn for easy opening and easy access to your plants.
    The structure consists of metal rods held by precisely fitted wedges of nestable assemblies.
    Once closed, the growth chamber is totally airtight and lightproof.
    100% waterproof tarpaulin.
    Accessory brackets and charcoal filter and lighting.
    Ventilation window.
    Extraction outlet on the roof: Ø200 mm x1
    Input intraction on the side: Ø160 mm x1
    Wiring access: Ø100 mm x1
    Air admissions on 3 sides.

The ATS 300W horticultural LED panel is a compact lighting composed of a FULL SPECTER ideally designed for growing rooms.

It consumes around 300W, emits at an angle of 110 ° and is 100% dimmable!

Crop area of ​​1m x 1m

led grow light lumatek attis 300w horticulture lighting


Discover ATS 300W, a powerful LED horticultural lighting for growth and flowering. Thanks to its full spectrum using LUMLED LEDs, ATS offers efficient lighting suitable for growing plants indoors.

Perfect for a 1m x 1m crop area for a consumption of 300W, the ATS 300W horticultural LED lighting can be used as single lighting or in addition to other lighting. It is suitable for the cloning, vegetative growth and flowering phases. Its uniform and homogeneous spectrum, diffused at a short distance from the plants allows improved penetration of the canopy of these.

lumatek attis 300w ats

ATS 300W heats very little thanks to its heat sink, which eliminates the need for an additional fan. This LED lighting also emits very little noise. It is robust and durable (~ 60,000 Hrs).

This new ATTIS model offers 690 µmol / s PPF and 2.3 µmol / J, it is ideal for a crop area of ​​1m².

ATS 300W Spectrum

attis 300w lumatek ats spectre


Tests / Measurements

lumatek attis 300w tests mesures 100cmx100cm 20cmlumatek attis 300w tests mesures 100cmx100cm 40cmlumatek attis 300w tests mesures 100cmx100cm 60cm

Data sheet

LEDs power300W
Power consumption300W
HPS or MH equivalent400W
Coverage area100 x 100cm
SpectrumFull spectrum
Lens angle110°
Recommended distance from the canopy50cm
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
Daisy chainNo
Zero noiseYes
Temp. working environment-20°C ~+40°C
Size558.2 x 558.2 x 86.8 mm
Product weight5.2 Kg
Manufacturer's Warranty3 years
Lighting typeMulti-Bars Systems
UseIntensive Culture
PowerBetween 300W and 400W

Here is what to suspend anything without problem, within the limit of 68Kg ....

Can this kit suspend any LED horticultural lighting from our catalog?

The maximum length is 150cm.

Discover the PK150-TC temperature controlled extractor from Prima Klima perfect to control your indoor growing environment!

Diameter: 150mm

The Prima Klima PK150-TC is a highly efficient temperature-controlled fan with an AC MES motor with backward curved blades, which has been optimally adapted to the housing.

The unit is quiet. The entire housing is made of highly impact-resistant nylon.

The entire control system is integrated in the housing.

With the supplied mounting bracket, the fan can be easily and securely attached to the wall or ceiling.

Data sheet

Power consumption110W
Plug & PlayYes
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years
Diameter - Ø150 mm
Flow in m3760m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterYes
Speed managementNo
Type of extractorWith Thermocontroller

Discover the Phonic Trap 3m and 152mm diameter pre-cut sheath! This sheath offers absolute comfort by immediately reducing the noise level of the air flow passing through it.

100% French manufacturing

The high quality Phonic Trap 3m 152mm duct is ideal for reducing the often unpleasant sound level of air flow. It reduces noise by around 50% compared to a conventional aluminum sheath. It is completely light-tight thanks to its black coating.

This sheath adapts to all types of extractors, intractors or even aerators.
Its composition:

  • Microporous non-woven interior hose that absorbs noise. Its spiral frame is made of hard steel.
  • Its second layer of wadding comes from a product of sustainable development
  • Black plastic-coated aluminum exterior hose with integrated vapor barrier

Data sheet

Diameter - Ø150 mm

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.

The ProActiv 840m3 / h 150mm carbon filter from Garden HighPro makes it possible to filter all bad smells!

Filled with virgin coconut carbon filtre, the ProActiv 840m3 / h carbon filter filters all odors. It light and efficient.

Thanks to its several layers of wool tightly coupled, this filter prevents any air intake. It has a much higher airflow than the usual charcoal filters.

The ProActiv 840m3 / h carbon filter is also easy to hang because it has 2 rings, perfect for hooks or straps.

Its dimensions are 45cm in height and 29,5cm in diameter.

Flange diameter: 150mm
Max filtration: 840m3 / h
Height: 45cm
Weight: 2.5kg

Data sheet

Diameter - Ø150 mm
Flow in m3840 m3/h
Speed managementNo

Power strip 5 outlets with switch and one meter cable, ideal for indoor growing.

Maximum power: 3500W

Usage: Interior

Discover the Cyclone 3 speed 40cm fan! Small, compact and powerful, it is specially designed to ventilate an indoor growing space.

The Cyclone 40cm fan has 3 speeds which will allow you to easily adapt the ventilation to your growing space. Its installation is also very simple since it rests on a base and weighs only 3.5kg (you can put it on the ground or even hang it on the walls).

  • Low consumption of 55w
  • Power supply 220 - 240v
  • Muffler at maximum speed 62.7dB
  • Dimensions: 49x50x15 cm
  • Guaranteed 3 years

We tested this fan at 30, 60 and 90 centimeters away, and obtained its sound emission in decibels. Namely that 60 decibel corresponds to a normal conversation.

Textile pot of 23 x 23 x 25cm that can hold 11L of potting soil.

This 33.5 x 33.5 x 33.5cm square black saucer is ideal for your indoor growing. It is made of polypropylene and is UV and frost resistant.

Discover the Canna Terra Starter Kit fertilizer pack, composed of high quality fertilizers and essential additives for your plants! This pack will allow your indoor plants to achieve rapid and healthy growth.

This kit is easy to use, ideal for beginners or experienced growers.

This Canna TerraStarter Kit pack has buffering properties. It retains nutrients when grown in the ground or in pots for example.

Canna TERRA Starter Kit

  • 1 Terra Vega 250 ml
  • 1 Terra Flores 1 L
  • 1 Rhizotonic 250 ml
  • 1 Cannazym 125 ml
  • 1 Canna Boost 125 ml
  • 1 Canna PK 13/14 50 ml

1L trigger sprayer

Polyethylene canister and polypropylene head and trigger.

Capacity: about 1 L
Color: transparent

Discover ONA PRO, the ideal odor neutralizer for your indoor growing.

This diffuser offers a pleasant smell for 4 to 6 weeks. It takes over all other odors present in indoor growing.

Version 400g

Discover the PEREL digital programmer, ideal for controlling the lighting duration of plants!

Thanks to its electronic programming, the PEREL digital timer will allow you to perfectly control the lighting times of your plants. You will be able to program the day / night cycles easily thanks to its LCD screen and its control buttons.

You will be able to use up to 14 simultaneous programming, for more efficiency and flexibility.

This programmer is ideal for LED lighting (HPS or MH lamps are not recommended).

Discover the Light Mix 50L soil from Biobizz. Intended for growth and flowering, this soil is a perfect mix of peat and perlite!

Encourage the growth and good development of your plants with Light Mix Biobizz potting soil in 50L! Little fattened, it will guarantee a rapid evolution of the roots and will promote the growth of your plants.

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