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Discover the Spider PRO 200 x4 pack with its CannaSmart.

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Discover the new Spider Series PRO 200W LED horticultural lights from the CannaLED brand!

These ultra-efficient LED lights are designed for growing and flowering plants indoors, on a growing area of ​​80 x 80cm.

Dimensions: 50 x 50cm - Full spectrum - TOP BIN PHILIPS LEDs, 660nm red LEDs, Ultraviolet and Infrared - Dimmer

Sold with connecting cable

Discover the new Spider Series PRO 200 from the CannaLED brand. For several years, the company has been developing these new powerful and efficient LED horticultural lights for indoor cultivation. Spider Series PRO feature the very latest in premium components to give your plants the full spectrum they need to grow and deliver big fruit.


Power & Efficiency

The Spider Series PRO range is optimized for growing plants indoors, both growing and flowering. The lights are 100% complete to boost their development and maximize their performance. The lamps have white TOP BIN LEDs from the PHILIPS brand offering excellent performance to boost plant growth. They also have 660nm deep red LEDs to speed up development and production, as well as ultraviolet, which improves the quality and quantity of resin during flowering. Spider PRO also has Infrared which helps plants to flower better and significantly increase their growth. Rarely has LED horticultural lighting been so complete.

These lights have innovative and powerful drivers to guarantee you excellent results, as well as astonishing durability.

Each Spider PRO 200W module has 3 LED bars containing 256 LEDs in total. These 50 x 50cm lights can easily cover a growing area of ​​80 x 80cm.

Spider PRO lights can be linked together using their connecting cables. This will allow you to expand your grow space to cover a large area. They are all controllable with the CannaSmart management console (sold separately).

100% dimmable

The Spider Series PRO all have an integrated dimmer, allowing you to manage the light intensity and even to separate the different spectra if necessary. Unlike its competitors, the Spider PRO allows you to light only the LEDs that interest you. For example, you can trigger the UV and infrared LEDs, or the PHILIPS white LEDs and not the UV and infrared. You will be able to create your own environment to boost their growth and yield as much as possible, throughout their life phase.

To go further in your culture, you can also connect the Spider PRO to its CannaSmart management console (sold separately), which allows you to program culture cycles and control several Spider lights at the same time.


Convenient and Plug & Play

The Spider Series PRO are easy to assemble. They are foldable, which improves their transport and your comfort. You can move it around without worry, from one space to another. The products are also Plug & Play, they come with all the necessary equipment to operate the lighting (power supply, suspension cables, fixings and clips to adjust the lamp, etc.).


Our tips for using Spider PRO

Using a Spider PRO module with such a diverse spectrum can seem quite complicated for some growers. We have therefore done the work for you, by offering you this table of culture that you can follow without hesitation.

tableau culture spider series pro

Data sheet


Manage the lighting of your Spider PRO perfectly thanks to the management console with ease and efficiency!

This console is only intended for Spider Series PRO models

Discover the CannaSmart management console, which will allow you to go further in the configuration of your Spider Series PRO LED system. You will be able to control one or more Spider PRO at the same time (up to 200 lights at most).

Above all, you can program lighting cycles, for growth and flowering. On the main screen, you will have access to the time of activation and deactivation of your lighting. You just have to click on the button to access the modification of these parameters.

Your CannaSmart console will also be able to know the consumption in real time, according to the parameters you have chosen.

The console can also simulate a sunrise and sunset, which will prevent the lighting from hurting the plants during switching on / off.

You will also be able to know in real time the ambient temperature and humidity, which will allow you to define high / low thresholds for these two elements.

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