Pack - Cannaled - Rhino Series 130 x4 - Socket - Multi-socket

Discover the Rhino 130 x4 pack with its socket and power strip.

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Rhino 130 V3 is the ideal lighting for cultivating efficiently and serenely indoors. Its Samsung LM301B LEDs and its 660nm deep red LEDs make it possible to optimize the development of plants during growth and flowering. It is also possible to make it dimmable (sold with dimmer), which makes it easy to manage the lighting intensity.

Powerful LED Panels - White Spectrum - 3500K

Rhino 130 V3

The horticultural LED panel Rhino Series 130 V3 is the ideal lighting to cultivate serenely indoors. Thanks to its Samsung LM301B L<EDs (Quantum Board panels), its full spectrum white and its 660nm deep red LEDs, it greatly optimizes the development of plants.

This lighting is ideal for a cultivation area of ​​about 60cm x 60cm. It also has a waterproof power connector (IP67) and comes with a European plug.

It features a high-end MeanWell power supply XLG-150-H-AB MW driver.

Le Spectre complet du RHINO 130 V3

Why choose Rhino 130 V3 ?

Rhino 130 V3 is the perfect lighting for growing and flowering indoor plants. Designed specifically for indoor planting, this premium LED panel has a full spectrum white (3500K), which emits intense light. It is also dimmable (sold with dimmer), allowing the user to control the intensity of the light.

Its horticultural spectrum provides significant penetration into the canopy of plants, to significantly optimize the development and therefore the crops that will follow. This LED lighting also consumes very low electricity, which is a significant advantage compared to other lamps on the market. Its consumption saves a lot of energy and money over the long term.

This product is guaranteed 3 years with replacement to new.

The RHINO SERIES product line uses high quality and powerful components for indoor growing. The LEDs used by these horticultural lamps are among the best LEDs on the market. Our horticultural panels are composed of Samsung LEDs, but also a MeanWell power supply. Thanks to their complete spectrum, these lights optimize the development of plants indoors. Each lamp also comes with a European plug for easy installation.

Data sheet

Coverage area60 x 60cm
Type of UseGrowth and Flowering
Lighting typePanels
FunctionsIntegrated dimmer
Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
PowerBetween 100W and 200W

Take advantage of this connected socket to take control of the device of your choice with your mobile phone. Compatible extractor, lamps, pumps...

  • Control the device of your choice from your smartphone
  • View live consumption or history
  • Set a daily on/off schedule
  • Minute timer
  • Remote management WIFI connection

Optimize your indoor growing space with our new smart plug!

This device allows you to remotely control and automate your growing, while also keeping track of your electricity consumption.

Easy to use, simply plug your devices into the smart plug and control them from your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with LED horticultural lighting up to 2000W, you can also use it for an air extractor, water pump, or any other electrical appliance.

Here are some examples of how you can use our smart plug in indoor growing:

  • Schedule your horticultural lighting to turn on and off based on your growth cycle
  • Monitor and control your appliance consumption remotely
  • Automate your plant watering using a connected water pump

Technical specifications:

  • Wifi 2.4Ghz 802.11b/n/g
  • Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Maximum current: 16A
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Maximum humidity: 80%

Here are some frequently asked questions about our smart plug:

  • Is it compatible with all electrical appliances? Yes, it is compatible with all appliances under 2000W. However, it does not allow you to vary the intensity.

  • Is it easy to install? Yes, simply plug your appliance into the smart plug and follow the configuration instructions through the dedicated app.

  • Is it secure? Yes, our smart plug is equipped with all necessary security measures to ensure safe use.

Don't hesitate and opt for our smart plug for an optimized and easy-to-manage indoor growing experience!"

Power strip 5 outlets with switch and one meter cable, ideal for indoor growing.

Maximum power: 3500W

Usage: Interior