Pack 2 SpectraBULB X30 - 2 cables E27 100cm

Pack including two LED SpectraBULB X30 horticultural lights + two E27 100cm cables with plug. Perfect to cultivate serenely indoors!

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Pack description

With this horticultural LED pack, you can simply hang the two SpectraBULB X30 over your plants, thanks to the E27 cables. Simply connect the LED bulbs to the E27 sockets and connect the sockets.

Area of ​​culture max: 40cm x 80cm

Pack content

The SpectraBULB X30 of the French brand BloomLED is a 30W LED horticultural bulb. It will be ideal for growing plants on a small area (~ 40cm x 40cm) or in addition to other horticultural lighting.

Designed with OSRAM German LEDs, it gives you powerful and quality lighting while being very compact.

E27 Standard Cap - 30 Watts Power Consumption

The SpectraBULB X30 horticultural hedgehog is designed by BloomLED, a French quality brand specialized in LED horticultural lighting for 8 years now.

This product is especially designed to grow on a small surface, and take up the least amount of space. It can also be used to fill the performance of another lighting. It is powerful for lighting an area of ​​about 40cm x 40cm.

The quality of lighting is not revised downwards. Indeed BloomLED uses OSLON SSL LEDS from the German brand OSRAM, which provide powerful lighting and whose spectrum is perfectly suited to indoor growing.

This bulb is screwed on a standard E27 base. Its technology LEDs ensures a very low power consumption and no comparison with other lighting systems HPS, MH, eco, neon ... on the market.

Advantages :

  •     Small footprint
  •     Low power consumption
  •     Quality components
  •     3 years warranty
  •     100% horticultural spectrum
  •     Standard cap
  •     Easy to use

Data sheet

LEDs power32W
Power consumption30W
HPS or MH equivalent70W
Coverage area40 x 40cm
Spectrum660nm - 460nm - 6400K
Lens angle45°
Thermal managementSilent fan
Zero noiseNo
Size95mm x 120mm
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years
Lighting typeBulbs
UseIntensive Culture
PowerUnder 100W

This cable allows you to use a LED horticultural bulb with an E27 cap.

Length: 300cm

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