ZEUS PRO 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2 - Multi-Bar LED System - Compatible with the Lumatek Digital Panel

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Discover now the powerful LED horticultural lighting ZEUS PRO 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2 from Lumatek, perfect for growing plants indoors.
Consumption: 1000W

Cultivation area: 1.8m x 1.8m

Dimmable : OFF-25% -50% -75% -100%PHOTONTEK-XT1000W-CO2-Stamps.png

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Osram & LUMLED Diodes



Lighting aera

150cm x 150cm


5 years




Full Spectrum - Grow and Bloom





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This LED light delivers impressive performance and results for indoor growing, as well as a significant return on investment for every grower!

ZEUS PRO 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2 LED lights have a complete and homogeneous spectrum, both in terms of light quality and quantity. They cover a cultivation area of approximately 1.5m x 1.5m.

Power has just reached a new level in LED lighting. Lumatek presents the most powerful LED on the market to growers, the Zeus 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2 LED. Designed for 1.5 × 1.5m lighting area with additional CO2 for optimum efficiency and results.


The Zeus 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2 produces extremely high light intensity levels that require the use of additional CO2 for those planning to grow in 1.5 × 1.5m growing areas with short distances between the canopy. and light.

Using CO2 with this fixture is not mandatory, but to run it without it we recommend a longer canopy distance with the panel, ensuring the optimal levels of PPFD depending on the growth phase.

Using the latter method, the expected optimum coverage area reaches 1.8 × 1.8 m, but with lower levels of PPFD intensity concentration.

This product is made up of the best OSRAM and LUMLED LEDs on the market, in order to perfectly optimize the growth and flowering phases of plants.


100% dimmable, ZEUS lights can be controlled automatically externally thanks to the "Lumatek Digital Panel". This process makes it possible to vary the intensity of the light according to the phases of evolution of the plants, without losing efficiency. You will be able to control 100% the light, the temperature, simulate a sunrise and sunset ...

This product is compatible with the Lumatek Control Panel management console (sold separately)

lumatek control panel



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      Data sheet

      Power consumption1025W
      HPS or MH equivalent1435W
      Coverage area150cm x 150cm
      LEDs Osram & LUMLED Diodes
      SpectrumFull Spectrum - Grow and Bloom
      Lens angle120°
      Plug & PlayYes
      Mobile appNo
      Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
      Zero noiseYes
      Lifetime60 000 Hrs
      Size1181.2 x 1091 x 105.7mm
      Product weight18 Kg
      Product includes- 1 x 0-10V Light Dimmer + Velcro - 2 x Metal Cable Hangers - 1 x Manual
      Manufacturer's Warranty5 years
      Lighting typeMulti-Bars Systems
      UseIntensive Culture
      calculator growledeurope consommation