Lumatek x2 Attis 200W pack

Discover the Lumatek pack including two horticultural lights with Attis 200W LEDs, ideal for a total cultivation area of ​​160cm x 160cm.

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Pack content

The ATS 200W horticultural LED panel is a compact lighting composed of a FULL SPECTRUM ideally designed for growing rooms.

It consumes around 200W, emits at an angle of 110 ° and is 100% dimmable (with dimmer)!

80cm x 80cm crop area

led grow light lumatek attis 200w horticulture lighting

Discover ATS 200W, a powerful LED horticultural lighting for growth and flowering. Thanks to its full spectrum using LUMLED LEDs, ATTIS offers efficient lighting suitable for growing plants indoors.

Perfect for a cultivation area of ​​80cm x 80cm for a consumption of 200W, the ATS 200W horticultural LED lighting can be used as single lighting or in addition to other lighting. It is suitable for the cloning, vegetative growth and flowering phases. Its uniform and homogeneous spectrum, diffused at a short distance from the plants allows improved penetration of the canopy of these.

lumatek attis 200w

ATS 200W heats very little thanks to its heat sink, which eliminates the need for an additional fan. This LED lighting also emits very little noise. It is robust and durable (~ 60,000 Hrs).

This new ATS model offers 460 µmol / s PPF and 2.3 µmol/J, it is ideal for a crop area of ​​80cm x 80cm.

ATS 200W Spectrum

attis 200w lumatek ats spectre


Tests / Measurements

lumatek attis 200w tests mesures 80cmx80cm 20cmlumatek attis 200w tests mesures 80cmx80cm 40cmlumatek attis 200w tests mesures 80cmx80cm 60cm

Data sheet

Power consumption200W
HPS or MH equivalent~280W
Coverage area80 x 80cm
SpectrumSpectre Complet
Lens angle110°
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
Zero noiseYes
Temp. working environment-20°C ~+40°C
Lifetime60 000 Hrs
Size508 x 508 x 86 mm
Product weight3.9 Kg
Manufacturer's Warranty3 years
Lighting typeMulti-Bars Systems
UseIntensive Culture
PowerBetween 200W and 300W
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