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ATS 300W PRO - Compact 300W horticultural LED panel - Lumatek

The ATS 300W horticultural LED panel is a compact lighting composed of a FULL SPECTER ideally designed for culture chambers.

It consumes around 300W, emits at an angle of 120 and is 100% dimmable!

Cultivation area: 1m x 1m

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Higher Spec White, Red & Far Red Diodes

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100 x 100cm




Full Spectrum - Grow and Bloom



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Presentation of this ATS 300W PRO lamp

The Lumatek ATS 300W PRO is a high quality LED horticultural light designed for indoor growers. With a power of 300 watts, or approximately 13 of electricity consumption per month, it is ideal for lighting plants for all stages of their growth, from germination to flowering .

TOP horticultural LEDs

horticultural LED panel The ATS 300W Pro is equipped with top quality LEDs that offer a complete and optimized light spectrum . This results in healthy, strong plants with rapid growth and maximum fruit and flower production.

led ats 300w pro lumatek lighting horticultural lamp attis plants indoor growing

High-end manufacturing

The housing of the Lumatek ATS 300W Pro is made of industrial grade aluminum, which makes it tough and durable. It also has an efficient cooling system that helps maintain an ideal temperature for plants.

Finally, the Lumatek ATS300W Pro is easy to use thanks to its intuitive control panel. You can adjust the light intensity and color spectrum according to your needs and the growth stage of your plants.

Homogeneous lighting on your growing area

The LED lighting system is intended for the intensive cultivation of indoor plants on a maximum area of 1 x 1m. We advise at GrowLED to place this lighting about 30/40cm from the top of your plants.

Grow intensively with the ATS 300W PRO

A quality spectrum for abundant flowering

The light spectrum is very important for the growth and flowering of indoor plants. The Lumatek ATS300W Pro uses a mix of white, deep red and far red LEDs to produce an efficient and calibrated light source to deliver high intensity so plants can absorb maximum light.

Unlike previous generations (ATS/ATTIS) of LED grow lights which lacked the spectrums important for quality plant growth, the Lumatek ATS 300W Pro offers a full and optimized spectrum of light that is suitable for all stages. from seed to harvest. This results in healthy and strong plants , with rapid growth and maximum fruit and flower production .

A considerable production of flowers and fruits!

By using the Lumatek ATS 300W Pro , you can be sure to provide your plants with professional quality lighting that will allow them to develop optimally. Additionally, the light spectrum of the ATS 300W Pro penetrates dense canopies and provides good visibility for grow room inspection and maintenance.

Discover ATS 300W PRO , powerful LED horticultural lighting for growth and flowering. Thanks to its full spectrum using LUMLED LEDs , ATS offers efficient lighting suitable for growing plants indoors. (See below for full horticultural spectrum)

Summary for this ATS 300W PRO

The Lumatek ATS300W Pro is a professional grade LED light designed for indoor growers . With a power of 300 watts , it is suitable for lighting plants in all stages from germination to harvest It is equipped with top quality LEDs that offer a full and natural spectrum of light, which makes it possible to obtain plants healthy and strong with rapid growth and maximum fruit and flower production. The housing of the ATS 300W Pro is made of industrial grade aluminum and features an efficient cooling system that maintains an ideal temperature for plants. The lighting is easy to use and install thanks to its intuitive control panel and is recommended for a cultivation area of up to 1 square meter (1m x 1m).

A perfect light for both amateur and expert growers

Questions about the ATS 300W PRO Lumatek LED horticultural lamp

What is the power consumption of this ATS 300W PRO and how much will it cost me per month in electricity?

The power consumption of LED lighting depends on several factors, such as the number of hours of use and the electricity rate in your area. For this system, if you use it at full power, i.e. 300watts and for 12 hours. Assuming that you have the kwh at 0.17, the calculation is 300 x 12 = 3.6Kwh /d. Then 3.6 * 0.17 or 0.61 / day you multiply that by 31 and that gives you 18.91 /month in electricity consumption. You can further optimize this by using off-peak hours.

Is the ATS 300W PRO easy to install?

Yes, this system is very easy to install, you can hang it very easily in your grow room and it comes with a cable and EU plug.

Should I use a different system for growth or flowering?

No, this system is perfect for all stages of growing your plants. You can use this full spectrum during growth, germination or flowering of your flowering/fruiting plants.

Can you make me a complete pack with this product?

Yes, do not hesitate to consult us by email or via chat so that our specialized team can design a pack for you according to your needs.

lumatek attis 300w

ATS 300W PRO heats up very little thanks to its heat sink, which means it does not have to use an additional fan. This LED lighting also emits very little noise. It is robust and durable (~60,000 Hrs) .

This new ATS model offers 816 mol/s PPF and 2.7 mol/J , it is ideal for a cultivation area of 1m.

Spectrum of ATS 300W PRO

attis 300w



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            Data sheet

            Coverage area100 x 100cm
            Type of UseGrowth and Flowering
            Lighting typePanels
            FunctionsDimmer and Console Compatibility
            Thermal managementPassive - Completely silent
            PowerBetween 300W and 400W
            LEDs power300W
            Power consumption310W
            LEDsHigher Spec White, Red & Far Red Diodes
            SpectrumFull Spectrum - Grow and Bloom
            Lens angle110°