60x60 - Pack horticultural lamp leds Asta 150R1 + Hydro Shoot 60

Pack including the Asta 150R1 brand LuminiGrow accompanied by its growing chamber Hydro Shoot 60.

This pack is intended for indoor growers of 4 plants.

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Pack description

This ideal pack to start an indoor culture includes:

- Asta 150R1 LED Horticultural Lamp with Spectrum Management, built with a 120W COB LED and 10LEDs of 3W around it, offering 100% PAR performance.

- Hydro Shoot 60 culture chamber (60 x 60 x 160cm)

Pack content

This LED horticultural lighting brand LuminiGrow is designed with a 120W COB LED with 10 LEDs of 3W around it.

With the wifi controller (sold separately) you can customize the spectrum and choose the timing of it.

This lighting contains UVB.

The Asta 120R1 LED horticultural lamp is built with a 120W COB LED and 10LEDs of 3W LED, offering 100% PAR performance.

The LEDs are coupled to 90/120 ° lenses in order to reconcile penetration power and lighting area.

This model can cover 1.0 m²

With the LuminiGrow controller sold separately, you can manage multiple spectra and timing.

Data sheet

LEDs power150W
Power consumption100W
HPS or MH equivalent250W
Coverage area60 x 60cm
Spectrum660nm, 630nm, 465nm , 460nm, 450nm, 420nm, 6500K, 3000K
Lens angle120°/90°
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementQuiet fans
Zero noiseNo
SizeDiam 15,7cm x 20,3cm
Product weight4Kg
Product includesPower cable
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years
Lighting typePanels
UseIntensive Culture
PowerBetween 100W and 200W

Discover the 60 x 60 x 160cm Hydro Shoot grow box from Secret Jardin. This box has Mylar 70D walls offering a light reflection rate of 95%.

Quickly and simply mount this grow room.

The Hydro Shoot R2 is the brand new generation of culture boxes from Secret Jardin! They are made of Mylar 70D for a light reflection of 95%. These boxes are also 100% waterproof and lightproof.

The Hydro Shoots have an aluminum chassis. You will be able to attach all your accessories for a total weight of 10kg. They also have an internal silver face (High Reflektion + 98%), and are 100% Mylar.

The structure of the Hydro Shoots is robust since it is made of steel Ø 16 mm. You will have extraction and attraction socks offering you different configurations.

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