Pack LED SpectraPANEL X160 + Grow Box Hydro Shoot 60

Discover the horticultural pack LED ideal for cultivating serenely indoors! This pack includes SpectraPANEL X160 lighting and a Hydro Shoot 60.

315,08 €


331,67 €

Pack content

This LED horticultural lamp SpectraPANEL X160, from the French brand BloomLED, is designed with the best brands of CREE & OSRAM LEDs. This lighting is perfect for growing plants and flowering on an area of max ​​80cm x 80cm.

This LED horticultural lamp consumes ~ 100W is an electrical cost of about 5-10 € / month.

The SpectraPANEL X160 is one of the best horticultural lamp from French brand BloomLED. The SpectraPANEL range is composed of 3 powers, ranging from 160W, 320W and 640W!

The SpectraPANEL X160 LED horticultural lamp emits intense light with CREE CXB 3590 & OSRAM OSLON SSL LEDs.

The combination of these two brands significantly boosts the photosynthesis of plants.

You can grow your plants from seed to harvest with this one system.

Advantage of this product: It comes with two lenses to choose the one that will accompany the led COB CREE. You can choose the 60 ° lens to promote penetration or the 120 ° lens to promote the lighting area.

Strong points :

  •     LED CREE & OSRAM
  •     Possibility of lighting CREE or OSRAM LEDs
  •     Consumption of 100W is 5/10 € / month
  •     Ability to choose the lens
  •     3 year warranty!
  •     Important Watt / PAR Conversation

Presentation of the SpectraPANEL X160

Data sheet

LEDs power160W
Power consumption100W
HPS or MH equivalent230W
Coverage area60 x 60cm
Spectrum660nm 630nm 430nm 2900K
Lens angle60° or 120°
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementQuiet fans
Daisy chainYes
Zero noiseNo
Size200mm x 200mm x 75mm
Product weight2,2Kg
Product includesCables and suspensions
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years
Lighting typePanels
UseIntensive Culture
PowerBetween 100W and 200W

Discover the 60 x 60 x 160cm Hydro Shoot grow box from Secret Jardin. This box has Mylar 70D walls offering a light reflection rate of 95%.

Quickly and simply mount this grow room.

The Hydro Shoot R2 is the brand new generation of culture boxes from Secret Jardin! They are made of Mylar 70D for a light reflection of 95%. These boxes are also 100% waterproof and lightproof.

The Hydro Shoots have an aluminum chassis. You will be able to attach all your accessories for a total weight of 10kg. They also have an internal silver face (High Reflektion + 98%), and are 100% Mylar.

The structure of the Hydro Shoots is robust since it is made of steel Ø 16 mm. You will have extraction and attraction socks offering you different configurations.

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