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TRTLA-750-360 New product

Tarantula 750 - 360 Watts Expand

The manufacturer Indoor Led offers its Tarantula 750 / 360W, new reference horticultural LED lighting. With this product, you have the opportunity to polarize all the light emitted specifically to your plants.

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Tarantula 750

Tarantula 750 / 360W illuminates plants very closely with its bars. Economical, it compares easily with metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs, which are twice as energy-hungry.

The equipment that makes up the Tarantula 750 / 360W includes 6 60W LED bars, a control box, a cable with a rubber connector, a kit for suspending hardware, 6 U-shaped mounting parts and screws required. A set whose installation is very easy while promising remarkable results: the growth of the vegetation can, thanks to it, reach optimal proportions. The flowering is not left since adopting this type of lighting, your yield remains high. Despite the very small distance - up to 10 cm distance - separating the lamps of the Tarantula 750 / 360W from the plants, they are not likely to burn.

Each of the Tarantula's six LED bars can be set to two axes to optimize the level of light reception while keeping each lamp facing the plant as it grows.

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