Tarantula Tube - Horticultural Led IndoorLed - 60W

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The Tarantula Tube 60W features the latest technological innovations in LED horticultural lighting for the growth and flowering of plants or fruit grown indoors. It demonstrates its performance by a high concentration of light directly directed towards the plants.

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Tarantula Tube 60

On the technical side, a single 60W Tarantula Tube LED with 9 COB high efficiency and high CRI can send an optimized light with a color temperature of 3045 ° K to the plants. It is a way to further stimulate vegetative growth and accompany the flowering of plants. Unlike the HPS or MH bulbs, the arachnid shape of the Tarantula Tube 60W LED bars makes it possible to completely centralize light projections towards the growing plant or fruit.

Practically speaking, in terms of PPFD readings, the Tarantula Tube 60W LED can provide, up to a height of 30 cm, up to 800 to 1000 μmol per second for 1 m2 of surface. These results make this lamp an economical alternative for energy consumption.

Simple to install and adjustable on 2 axes, the LED Tarantula Tube 60W is equipped with a control box, a cable with its rubber connector, its suspension kit and the universal instruction manual.

LEDs power60W
Power consumption60W
Lens angle60°
Lifetime50 000 h
Size90 x 6.3 x 2.7 cm
Product weight1.85 Kg

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