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Discover the horticultural LED pack including 2 HLG 550 V2 R-Spec from Horticulture Lighting Group.

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1 423,42 €


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The latest horticultural LED panel from Horticulture Lighting Group has been released! Equipped with Quantum panels and full spectrum growth and flowering with 660nm red LEDs, this lighting is the latest generation of the best high performance lamps on the market!

Dimmable 60 to 600 watts (dimmer not supplied)

LThe HLG 600 R-SPEC horticultural LED panel is now available at Discover the ultra-efficient horticultural panel for indoor plants from the American brand Horticulture Lighting Group! This LED lamp uses the best Samsung LM301H and deep red 660nm LEDs on the market, as well as a high-end MeanWell power supply.

Its low consumption of 600W and its significant penetration into the canopy of plants makes it ideal lighting for indoor growing.

This lamp is supplied with an EU plug.

Discover the HLG 600 R-Spec LED horticultural panel!

Each HLG 600 light uses 4 Quantum panels with full spectrum and powerful white light. You will thus have the latest innovations from Horticulture Lighting Group:

  • Samsung LM301H LEDs
  • 660nm deep red LEDs

This LED horticultural lamp is dimmable, from 60 to 600 watts (dimmer not supplied)

Growing crop area: 150 x 150cm / Flowering: 180 x 180cm

The characteristics of the HLG 600 R-Spec

  • High efficiency Quantum electronic plates
  • Full spectrum White and additional 660nm Red LEDs
  • Maximum penetration into the canopy of the plant
  • Passive cooling

The Specter of the HLG 600 R-Spec


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