Homebox Ambient Q100 culture chamber - 100x100x200 cm

HOMEBOXEAMB0100 New product

Chambre de culture Homebox Evolution Q10 - 100x100xh200 cm Expand

With its compact measurements of 1mx1mx2m, the new Homebox Ambient Q100 fits easily in most homes.
The Homebox Q100 mounts with ease. A few minutes of assembly are enough to obtain a perfect growing chamber. The assembly instructions are clear and precise.

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The outside of the fabric is made of particularly strong woven fibers, the inner side is lined with a thick and solid reflective sheeting PE (polyethylene).
    All Homeboxes are equipped with high quality zippers securely sewn for easy opening and easy access to your plants.
    The structure consists of metal rods held by precisely fitted wedges of nestable assemblies.
    Once closed, the growth chamber is totally airtight and lightproof.
    100% waterproof tarpaulin.
    Accessory brackets and charcoal filter and lighting.
    Ventilation window.
    Extraction outlet on the roof: Ø200 mm x1
    Input intraction on the side: Ø160 mm x1
    Wiring access: Ø100 mm x1
    Air admissions on 3 sides.

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