Biobizz Try-Pack Outdoor 3x 250mL - Outdoor fertilizer kit


Biobizz Try-Pack Outdoor 3x 250mL - Kit d'engrais pour l'extérieur Expand

Discover the Biobizz Try-Pack Outdoor pack, ideal for optimizing the development of outdoor plants. Complete package including: Bio-Bloom 250mL, Fish-Mix 250mL and Top-Max 250mL!

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The complete fertilizer pack Biobizz Try-Pack Outdoor is ideal to optimize its outdoor cultivation. This one contains three vials of high-performance fertilizers:

  •     Bio • Bloom ™ - 250 ML
  •     Fish • Mix ™ - 250ML
  •     Top • Max ™ - 250 ML

This pack of fertilizer will allow you to provide plants with all the basic nutritional needs they need (from 1 to 4 plants).

- Bio-Bloom is the complete organic fertilizer you need to optimize the flowering of your plants. It contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorus and potassium to help your plants bloom perfectly. Bio-Bloom has a high amount of naturally occurring minerals, micronutrients, amino acids and plant hormones.

- Fish Mix is ​​a mixture of organic fish emulsion and beetroot sugar extracts. It is used to stimulate the growth of living plants in their substrate, but also to develop micro-organisms and bacteria useful in all types of land.

- Top-Max comes from leonardite which is the material with the highest organic concentration of the planet. It comes from trees and vegetation that grew and died 300 million years ago. The fulvic acids contained in this bottle contribute greatly to the good floral growth.

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