Your Benefits as an Ambassador

Do you have a facebook group? Do you hold or animate a forum? Do you publish videos on Youtube or another platform? If your content is related to indoor growing, you can try to become a Growled Ambassador!

Enjoy a 15% reduction on our entire catalog. Our LED lighting, our growshop part with grow boxes, extraction kits and fertilizers. Treat yourself!

You can sponsor your friends or your community and give them 5% off our entire catalog! You will also earn 5% on their orders, in real money.

Your Missions

Your goals as a Growled Ambassador will be to promote the site and the products we offer. You will promote Growled via your favorite channel (facebook group, Youtube channel, forum ...). You will guide novices to the products that best suit them, and will thus be able to give them the 5% reduction on our entire catalog).

Your mission will also be to share our publications on your social networks (Facebook and / or Instagram), as well as the Youtube videos that we offer each week to our subscribers.