Pack Complet Confirmé - Cannaled 300 - Hydro Shoot 80 - Thermo Controller

Discover the complete confirmed pack, including a Cannaled 300, a Hydro Shoot 80 x 80 x 180cm and everything you need to grow effectively indoors!

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Pack content

This sheath is robust, it is lined to prevent any odor or heat leakage

Data sheet

Size 3m
Diameter - Ø125 mm

Adjustable clamping collar, ideal for air extractors from 25 to 175 mm.

The ProActiv carbon filter 125mm - 250 m3 / h from the Garden HighPro brand is ideal for removing odors in its growing box.

Discover the powerful air extractor PK 400m3 / h 125mm, ideal to perfectly control the environment of the culture box!

This 400m3 / h 125mm air extractor is equipped with a climate controller. You will be able to choose the desired temperature as well as the speed of the extractor, according to your needs.

This device is ideal in a culture box because it starts up only when necessary.

Connection: 125mm

Air flow: 0 - 400m3 / h

230V ~ 50 / 60Hz 60W

0.26A Tmax: 42 ° C

Data sheet

Power consumption60W
Plug & PlayYes
SizeDiamètre entrée/sortie : 125mm.
Product includesApplique murale fournie.
Manufacturer's Warranty1 an
Diameter - Ø125 mm
Flow in m3400 m3/h
Optimized for use with carbon filterYes
Speed managementNo

Biobizz soil bag, Light-Mix 20L, ideal for indoor cultivation under LED lighting.

This mechanical programmer will allow you to perfectly manage the frequencies and the lighting times of your lamps!

Complete 2-part fertilizer, highly assimilable organic elements, high concentration, novel formulations, and much more. Thanks to the concentration of the fertilizers, a dosage of 2.5 ml / L is sufficient for a harmonious growth of the plants.
It is possible to prepare with a pack more or less 450 liters of nutrient solution.

By using only the four pack products you will get professional results. The Master Grower range is economical, easy to use and efficient with all types of crops (Hydro, Aero, Coco, Earth).

  •     Concentrated formulation ultra-assimilable to the stabilized pH of extra-pure mineral salts and natural additives.
  •     Contains purified sea water for a contribution of trace elements and 100% natural magnesium.
  •     Enriched with Calcium for the needs of fast-growing plants.
  •     Contains an extract of seaweed "Macrocystis", naturally rich in plant growth hormones.
  •     Increases the yield and concentration of the active ingredients of plants with essential and medicinal oils.
  •     Effective for all types of crops: Hydro, Aero, Coco, Earth.

Discover the Isobox soundproof box, ideal to stop the noise emitted by your extractor!

Just place the extractor (or intractor) inside the box to significantly reduce noise. Two outlets are present to allow the sheath to pass.

Available in 2 sizes

This LED CannaLED 300 horticultural lamp has very good LEDs 5000k CREE CXA 2540 COB and multiple 5W Bridgelux leds.

This LED horticultural lighting produces a complete spectrum for the growth and flowering of your plants with 12 wavelengths.

This system optimizes spectral coverage with a broad spectrum including both infrared and ultraviolet waves, providing excellent yields during the flowering phase.

The CannaLED 300 LED horticultural lamp consumes 210W and can cover a lighting area of ​​90cm x 90cm.

The CannaLED 300 breaks the PAR output 300w lighting market record.

cannaled 300

This LED plant lighting is an ultra-efficient product. It will offer you the assurance of optimal production and a very high yield!

The combination of Bridgelux 5W LED chips and the powerful CREE CXA COB producing the best spectrum for plant growth and flowering. Many professional horticulturalists can attest to this.

The light efficiency is better than any other type of lighting of the same kind on the market.

Data sheet

LEDs power300W
Power consumption210W
HPS or MH equivalent400W
Coverage area90cm x 90cm
LEDsCREE CXA2540 / Bridgelux 5W
SpectrumComplete Spectrum
Lens angle90°
Plug & PlayYes
Mobile appNo
Thermal managementQuiet fans
Daisy chainNo
Zero noiseNo
Size36cm x 36cm x 8.5cm
Product weight5,7Kg
Product includesCables and suspensions
Manufacturer's Warranty2 years

Discover the Hydro Shoot culture box 80 x 80 x 180cm from the Secret Jardin brand. This culture chamber is designed with Mylar 70D walls, offering a reflection rate of around 95%.

You can suspend up to 10Kg from the tubes of the culture box.

The Hydro Shoot 80 x 80 x 180cm R2 is the brand new generation of culture boxes from Secret Jardin! They are made of Mylar 70D for a light reflection of 95%. These boxes are also 100% waterproof and lightproof.

The Hydro Shoots have an aluminum chassis. You will be able to attach all your accessories for a total weight of 10kg. They also have an internal silver face (High Reflektion + 98%), and are 100% Mylar.

The structure of the Hydro Shoots is robust since it is made of steel Ø 16 mm. You will have extraction and attraction socks offering you different configurations.

Textile jar by Garden HighPro that can hold 7L of potting soil.

Square saucer in 23 x 23cm.

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