Hello growers!

Small article to let you know that we have just added to our catalog the new 100W LED bar from Lumatek. We are now very close to Lumatek and we manage to have the products for you in advance!

After having tested this bar and having had it in my hands, I will try to detail this horticultural bar for you

The Lumatek 100W LED bar comes with?

We deliver the bar to you in a long protected box of about 120cm. Inside you will find a pair of hooks to hang the bar. If you want to be able to adjust the height of the Lumatek bar, don't forget to pick up an adjustable suspension kit. You can take the simple kit for 5Kg, it will be perfect. It also comes with the LED transformer, a power cable with EU plug to connect it directly and a dimmer to vary the intensity of the LED ramp.

lumatek 100w bar led grow light full spectrum

What use is this bar for my indoor cultivation?

First, this 100W LED bar is about 115cm long, so make sure you have the length available to use it. It has a full spectrum for the growth and flowering of your plants. However, I advise you to use it in growth for your cuttings, mother plants, etc. In flowering, on the other hand, it will rather come in addition to other lighting. For example, you can use it with the Probox Propagator XL grow room. You will just have to remove floors to have enough height, but that way you can make yourself a box for your clones or mother plants.

Lumatek's spectrum is Full Spectrum F, which is developed for a full growth cycle and suitable for flowering supplementation.

Spectre horticole Full spectrum 100w lumatek

It is intended for which cultivation area?

As I told you, this LED bar from LUMATEK, in 100Watts, will allow you to illuminate an area of approximately 140cm x 25cm. It is the optimal surface that we advise, after you can choose to light a little more, we have obtained good results, especially if it is for cuttings. In addition to HPS/MH or neon lighting, you can go for 150cm x 40cm.

How to mount the Lumatek 100W bar?

Barre LED Lumatek 100w led culture indoor full spectrum

It is very easy to install in a culture box for example. We will already have to check that you install it on something that supports 1Kg. If you have a grow tent, there is no problem ^^. Afterwards, it is absolutely necessary to remove the plastic protective cover in front of the LEDs. Once it's done, you just have to hang the two suspension hooks on the ends of the bar, position it at a height between 15cm and 40cm from your plants.

So much for the information on this new Lumatek 100W LED, do not hesitate to contact us if you want additional information.

Excellent culture to all!

Barre LED lumatek 100w grow light full spectrum