The Spannabis fair in Spain is one of the events where it is possible to meet many brands. Here I am going to tell you about our short stay in Barcelona.

Are we going to Spannabis or not?

We had already been talking about the show for several weeks. Several brands contacted us to find out if we were going there to be able to eat together and get to know each other better. We had already concluded that we would not go to Spannabis this year. As you know, at GrowLED we are a bit special. The order pickers with us are also the person you will have on the phone to advise you or even me who is currently writing this article ^^. It was therefore complicated to all go to the show without degrading our services. So we pass our turn this time.

And if we went there by plane just for 24 hours?

On Tuesday, our director gives us a meeting and offers us to choose two people who will go to Spannabis but on the other hand we will go by express. Scheduled departure Thursday morning, return Saturday morning. Allowing us to do the show all day Friday.

So we decide to leave with three, Joseph our director, Mikail your youtuber, and Jean-Gabriel who takes care of PRO projects within our company.

What's new in the industry, new products?

We wanted to go to this show to meet the different brands and bring back new products for you. At the show, we saw that there were all the fertilizer brands, lighting brands, etc. We are ultra-targeted products, we weren't going there to find out about the field of cannabis, which does not concern us. Our remarks are not a generality of the show, but rather an observation in relation to our expectations.

So we arrive at the show on Friday morning and the tone is set. There are already plenty of worlds at the entrance. We enter and we already discover the beautiful Terra Aquatica stand at the entrance. We didn't have time to talk too much with them but we've known them for a long time and expect to see a lot of things coming from them soon. It's French, well designed and above all William who is behind it all is adorable and fascinating to listen to. We will try to go and see them this year at home and give you a little video report.

Then there were the fertilizer brands, Biobizz, Canna, Biotabs, Plagron. A lot of animations, but no news on the program unfortunately.

Afterwards, we discussed with a lot of suppliers to find new products. So there, on the other hand, there are leads but I can't tell you about them....

Lumatek our longtime friends!

lumatek led light growled

The Lumatek brand is in our brand tops on the growled site. We have had a close relationship with them from the start. Unlike other sites and shops, we have direct contact with them without going through a distributor. We therefore have the guarantee of having the latest products and above all the best prices for you, as you have seen in recent months. We ship Lumateks throughout Europe within 24 hours with UPS. We were able to chat and laugh with them.

For the new Lumatek we bring you this:

1) A 30W UV bar to be used in addition to Zeus 465W, 600W or 1000W systems. You can use these bars directly on the frames. These lights will allow you to improve the quality of your harvest by affecting the taste and flavor of it. Availability end of year 2022. As usual we'll have that first ^^

2) The Zeus 465W 2.3 and Zeus 600W 2.3 are now discontinued and replaced by the 2.6

3) A new controller arrives for the end of the year. We don't have the price yet, but it's a touch management console that will allow you to control the photoperiod, the temperature of the environment, the level of CO2 etc...

Secret garden in force on GrowLED soon!

secret jardin team growled
Our director has known the Secret Jardin team well for several years. We were able to stop and have a good chat with them. They have a great team and showed us their latest products. They innovate a lot and the products are really well designed. We will soon make you discover the cosmorrow in different versions. They now have UV and infrared bars which are very nice! They will also soon release a 100 diameter extractor and a small carbon filter. It is a perfect solution for small spaces. We'll get that on the site soon. They also had a multiroom box on display in order to have a space for growth, cuttings and flowering in the same box. So expect to have packs like this soon.

In any case Big-up to the Secret Jardin team, a great collaboration is underway. We were already in contact with them lately, but this is another level!

Our friends from Prima Klima always on top!

Walking around the show, we pass in front of the Prima Klima stand. We are also well received, because we have a good collaboration with this brand as well. Prima klima products have been used since the early 2000s and the performance or reliability of these products no longer needs to be proven. So it was an opportunity to chat a little bit, but we were interrupted by a WHSP who sat right in the middle of the stand. As you know, you were introduced first in Europe to the new WHSP systems which are silent extractors. A madness in the sector, it's been a long time since we had had any innovation in this area. But they launched the WHSP 150/160! Yes, one extractor for two sheaths. It's not necessarily new for large extractors but for the 150/160 it's really great because for us, we had to stock 150 and 160, for extractors and carbon filters. Really a great solution that will be available on GrowLED in about 2 months.


Garden HighPro, products suitable for everyone

You probably know the Garden HighPro brand. The stand of this brand was really great. We offer a lot of products from this brand because they are very well designed at very affordable prices. There were all the boxes on display and we were able to find no real news at the moment. There is going to be a new version of the humidifier this year. We will get back to you at that time. We saw it and it's going to be not bad!

The Hype Company a new fertilizer brand that we are watching closely

It's been several months that we check the products of the brand "The Hype Company". It was an opportunity for us to meet the people of this fertilizer brand. We were able to discuss the different products. It is a very complete range with PK boosters, biostimulants for growth, flowering, rooting etc.... We will come back to you very soon to tell you about it in detail, for the moment this brand is not not authorized in France.

So much for the short summary of Spannabis 2022. Do not hesitate to follow us on the various social networks to receive the latest news.