The Horticultural LED lamp: SpectraPANEL X 160

If you are a professional, or a lover of plants and flowers, then this article is dedicated to you!

We are not going to talk about the kinds of plants that exist or how to sow the seeds, because this is rather the role of a gardener, but we will talk about a small wonder that will brighten your day as well as your plants!

Thanks to it, you can pamper your plants and see them grow near you, at home! Thanks to technology, this is now possible! As we all know, for a good bloom it takes water and good lighting, especially if you chose to grow them at home!

And in this case, you will not find anything better than the SpectraPANEL x 160 horticultural LED panel!

And yes, the miracle solution that we propose today is the SpectraPANEL X 160 of the French company BloomLED!

You are not a professional and you have no idea about it?

You do not know what to choose ? And where to buy them with good value for money? You have found several products, which are alike? Several prices?

Do not panic, we are here to help you! Through this article, we will talk about the SpectraPANEL X 160, its benefits, and its features!

To choose your horticulture lamp, we recommend the French site:, which is famous for its wide range of LED horticultural lamps!

By visiting the site, you will find perfect lighting for the growth and flowering of your plants indoors!

It is therefore a specialized site that will guarantee you a good value for money with a secure and guaranteed material, for a perfect indoor bloom!

Now, let's talk about this little wonder!

1- Presentation of SpectraPANEL x 160

The SpectraPANEL X160 is the horticultural lighting LED flagship!

The SpectraPANEL range is composed of 3 panels:

  •     The SpectraPANEL X160
  •     The SpectraPANEL X320
  •     The SpectraPANEL X640

The SpectraPANEL X160 emits intense light with the COB CREE CXB LED and OSRAM Oslon SSL LEDs!

The combination of these two brands significantly boosts the photosynthesis of plants!

So you can grow your plants from seed to harvest with one system! Practice not?

It is not finished ! We have concocted a special benefits part!

Are you ready ? Let's go!


2- SpectraPANEL x 160: Advantages and strong points:

The SpectraPANEL X 160 comes with two lenses to choose the one that will accompany the led COB CREE! So you can choose the 60 ° lens to promote penetration or 120 ° lens to promote the lighting area! Because the first is used to cover the maximum area with the most homogeneous lighting possible!

While the second lens is for growers or producers! The latter makes it possible to concentrate the light on an area of ​​60 cm x 60 cm, which guarantees you a strong penetration of the plants!

When it comes to strengths, choosing the SpectraPANEL X 160 gives you the following benefits:

  •     LED CREE & OSRAM
  •     The possibility of lighting CREE or OSRAM LEDs
  •     A consumption of 100W is between 5 and 10 euros per month
  •     The possibility of choosing the lens
  •     A guarantee of 3 years!
  •     Cultivate serenely indoors

Do you find this interesting? So wait to see its technical sheet!


3- SpectraPANEL x 160: Data sheet!

- Type: Led Horticultural Lighting!

- Optimal distance: 40 cm

- Power: 160 W

- PPFD at 40 cm: 1361

- The lighting area in bloom: 60 cm x 60 cm

- The majority wavelength: 660 nm

- Growing lighting area: 80 cm x 80 cm

- Rendering light: Purple

- Spectrum management: Growth and bloom spectrum + OSRAM flowering booster!

- Type of use: Germination, cuttings, growth and flowering!

- Product color: Black

- The size of the product: 200 mm x 200 mm x 75 mm

- The weight of the product: 2.2 kg

- Protection class: IP 50

- Input Voltage: 230 Vac

- Consumption: 100 W!

- Type of fixation: 4 pulleys delivered with lighting!

- Heating time: Instantaneous!

- Ready to use: Yes!

- Accessories: Supplied with cable and plug

- The lighting angle: 60 ° or 120 °

- The guarantee: 2 years!

- Thermal management: Silent fans!

- Modular: Yes

- Plug & Play: Yes


- Power of the LEDs: 160 W

- Power consumption: 100 W

So what are you waiting for? join us quickly on the site and receive your SpectraPANEL x 160 between 24h and 48h with payment facilities not to mention the guarantee of the best price in addition to the warranty GrowLED, and the exchange possible within 30 days!