New article on the LUMATEK brand!

To give you a little recap on Lumatek if you don't know, it's an English brand available since 2004 and which specializes in HPS horticultural lighting. The brand has been able to develop in the field of lighting for indoor growing and has started producing LED lighting recently. They have distinguished themselves from their competitors by offering products with particular design and colors.


Today in this article we are going to talk about the Attis range which has undergone a name change and which becomes ATS. This range offers two different products the 300W and 200W which are available on our site.
If you want to watch our video on ATS it's here:

The 300W will be able to illuminate a maximum area of ​​100cm x 100cm. While its little brother can illuminate a maximum area of ​​80cm x 80cm, both will offer you homogeneous lighting for your culture.

The ATS is equipped with LUMLED LEDs which will offer a full spectrum suitable for growth and flowering and in addition to that, the product will heat very little thanks to its heat sink which will eliminate the need for the use of a fan in the system, therefore will emit no noise and also increase the life of the device.

The range also has an integrated dimmer that will manage the intensity of the lighting from 20% to 100%, to be able to turn it off, you will have to press the on / off button located on the other side of the device. It is supplied with a European power cable and a kit of suspension cables, produced and totally plug and play but small downside if you want to be able to manage the distance of your lighting as well as possible from the tops of your plants, I advise you to take additional suspension cables that you can find here.