You want to start an indoor cultivation in a space of 60X60cm or 40 cm square and you are wondering what you will need as an LED horticultural lamp, extractor, pots, fertilizer, etc ... Our team is at your side to advise you.

In this article we will discuss these different points.

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What type of box to choose to start?

If you want to start, there are several brands available to you. For this cultivation area of ​​60cm x 60cm there is not much difference. You can find this box size in the following brands: HydroShoot, GreenCube, Probox and HomeBox.

For a first price, you can choose between these different brands, namely that HomeBOX will be the most upscale model. You will have stronger bars, an ultra-reflective white wall and a handy accessory kit. You can watch our video on how to assemble a 60cm x 60m x 160cm HomeBox Q60 + on our YouTube channel.

What extraction for my grow space?

Once you have found your grow room, you now need to find a suitable extractor. It will not be useful to put a too powerful extractor. The risk would be to see your box completely vacuumed. This would cause the walls of the grow room to deform and they could affect your plants.

In an indoor grow room, we will recommend an extractor with an air flow between 200 and 400m3 / h. For this, you can use a Profan TT 125 type extractor or a Prima Klima 125 extractor.
The difference lies mainly in the noise and longevity of your extraction, you can also find the assembly of an extractor in the second episode of the assembly of a grow box on our YouTube channel.

Now which LED horticultural lamp to choose?

Once all the necessary accessories for an indoor grow are fitted, there is the lighting part not to be neglected. You then need LED horticultural lighting that is efficient, easy to install and with low power consumption.

We have many brands with lighting for this type of surface. Here is the list below with the different lamps:

CannaLED Rhino 130W
CannaLED Rhino 130W PRO
200 watt Cannaled LED spotlight
BloomLED SpectraPANEL X160
BloomLED SpectraBUD x60
HLG 100 V2
Clorofilla PRO CREE 080
SpectraMODULE X135
SPIDER Series 150 - 50cm x 50cm

You can find all the categories of these different lights directly on our site.

Finally, the essential accessories.

Your growing space is now set up, you just have to add the essential products for the successful completion of your project. Don't hesitate to check out the last video in this series.

We offer you textile pots, they will allow the plant a better root density and in addition they are washable to be able to reuse them. To perfect the use of a pot, plastic or textile, do not forget to put a saucer of the appropriate size in order to always have a clean bottom without running water.

Then, one thing not to forget for a culture, the soil. There is All mix which will provide all the nutrients to your plants, or Light mix which is less rich in nutrients, it will then have to be supplemented with fertilizers.

Why take fertilizers? This will allow the plant to have all the essential nutrients for its good growth and good development. Growth will then be of very good quality and generous. There are already made packs on our site. Like the Master grower from Hydropassion or a pack from BioTabs. All the packs are composed of so-called basic fertilizers and additives, such as root or flowering booster.

Then you can add a fan. This will allow the plants to grow stronger and to be able to support the weight of future fruits. Prefer a clip-on fan, it will be able to hang on the bars of your box and oscillate in all corners of it.

Another important accessory, the programmer, it will allow you to adjust the lighting phases of your box. Indeed, your plants need night and day phase. Thanks to the programmer, you can directly adjust these phases on it. There is a mechanical and a bipolar electronics. The advantage of the bipolar is that it will completely cut off the lighting during the night phase, there is no more residual current.

Finally, plants need humidity, for this there are ultrasonic humidifiers. The latter will then create micro droplets which will diffuse towards your plants and provide them with the humidity they need. It is necessary to put a thermometer to be able to manage the temperature in your box. In fact, boxing that is too hot or not enough will have an impact on the good health of your plants.

There are a lot of accessories for indoor growing, we will not detail them here but we will name them. You can find on our site accessories to destroy bad odors in your grow space. But also heating mats for seedlings and cuttings. We also have protective glasses when you go to your box. And finally, CO2 diffusers that will allow plants to absorb all the oxygen they need.

You now have the main elements to help you make the leap to growing indoors with an area of ​​60cmx60cm.

Remember, our entire GrowLED team is on hand to help you with your indoor grow success.