We have just entered a new oscillating fan reference for indoor growing.

We all know that it is important to have good ventilation in our growing area. Plants like to grow with fresh, fresh air, but there are many other benefits to using a fan during a crop.

The fan should always be directed towards the plants in order to move them. Once in operation, your plants will move and thus, will get a thick and robust trunk.

A fan like the Garden HighPro brand will therefore offer maximum wind for your plants. Using it in a growing chamber makes it possible to mix the air well and to obtain sturdy plants for flowering.

The advantage of Garden HighPro's new 20W oscillating fan is that it will be able to touch all your plants with just one fan.

Throughout the day, it will go back and forth in your box culture. The wind will come from different directions.

It measures only 20cm in diameter but still offers a maximum airflow of 305m3 / h. It has two speeds in order to adjust the intensity of the wind.

You will also have a choice of two types of fasteners. The simple clip that will allow you to attach it to any support or bar clamp, which fits perfectly on the bars of your room culture (max diam 3cm). We have tested this product in our growing room and our plants are 100% approved!

The Garden High Pro brand also offers a non oscillating 12W fan that you will find at the bottom of this article.

Do not hesitate for your indoor culture, a swinging fan is a companion of choice for a successful culture!