The English brand Lumatek specializes in horticultural lighting. It has been able to innovate in the field of electronic ballasts for several years. This made it possible to obtain a more stable current and to be able to manage the light intensity of your lamp when growing indoors.
GrowLED is the official distributor and reseller of Lumatek LED horticultural lighting.

Buying your ATS or ZEUS Lumatek lighting on GrowLED is the assurance of having the latest version of the product, quality control before shipment and ultra-responsive after-sales service if you have the slightest problem.

We deliver Lumatek products in specific packages to protect them during transport. You will thus have the assurance of receiving Lumatek LED horticultural lighting which has undergone quality control and which will not show any damage following transport.

We have had ATS 200W and ATS 300W (formerly ATTIS) lamps in our catalog for several months. We then marketed the Lumatek ZEUS 465W and 600W LED horticultural bars. These two products are also available in PRO version, the ZEUS 465W PRO and the ZEUS 600W PRO.
Should I choose a Lumatek horticultural panel or a Lumatek PRO?

The products are identical, it is the performance that is different. You will consume exactly the same thing, but on the other hand you will harvest a little more. If you choose a Lumatek PRO, you can be sure that you have the best performing product available.
What are the new Lumatek products arriving?



Lumatek 100W individual LED horticultural bar

LED horticultural bar supplement UVA UVA 60W Lumatek

Zeus 465W PRO 2.9

Zeus 600W PRO 2.9

VF 90W Lumatek multi-bar system for seedlings and cuttings

VF 120W Lumatek multi-bar system for seedlings and cuttings

As you can see there is now a Lumatek Zeus 465W, 465W PRO and 465W PRO 2.9. The same goes for the Lumatek Zeus 600W, 600W PRO and 600W PRO 2.9.

We already have a large order in progress at Lumatek to be the first site in Europe to offer these products to you.

We have always taken a lot of precautions with the dates indicated on the part of Lumatek. We are monitoring our supplies closely, however, do not wait for these products until the summer vacation of 2021.
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