Controlling the temperature of your indoor culture

Hi team!

When you grow indoors it is important to control and manage the temperature of your culture in order to offer the ideal conditions to your plants.

Let's discover together the tricks to cool a growing room efficiently, let's go, LET'S GO!

1 - Renew the air in your culture

One of the best ways to reduce the temperature of your grow room is to renew the warm air inside and thus evacuate the heat. To do this, install an extractor and an intravenous fan that will allow you to control the temperature and the humidity level.

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The intractor should always be set at a lower speed than the extractor. The ideal setting is 2 to 1, if there is an extraction of 200m³ per hour, the intraction should be set at 100m³ per hour.

The air extractor will prevent your plants from suffocating and also prevent mold.

2 - Cooling the room temperature

Indeed, the ambient temperature of the room will also have an impact on the temperature in your grow room, that's why it is important to choose the room in which you will start your culture. To cool the room you have several options available to you:

  • The use of an air conditioner will allow you to considerably reduce the temperature of your room. You will be able to set the settings to select the ideal room temperature for your plants
  •  The air cooler will also bring fresh air to your room at a lower cost in terms of price and also energy consumption

3 - Stirring the air in the culture chamber

It is important to ventilate the air in the grow room in order to circulate the hot air that could stagnate. The use of a fan has several advantages for its culture in interior.

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  • Circulate the hot air in the growing room by equipping the fan with a thermostat that would trigger it at the heat peak of the day
  • The fan also allows the simulation of the wind on your plants which has for function to reinforce them and to make their stems more resistant

4 - Use LED lighting

One of the many advantages of LED lights is that they give off much less heat than an HPS bulb for example. This will greatly reduce your need to cool down the temperature of your grow room.

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You will be able to control the temperature more easily if you don't have any undesirable factors coming into play.


The temperature of your grow room is one of the essential parameters to take into account and control in order to optimize your culture. If you still have questions about temperature management after reading this article, feel free to ask us in the chat or on our social networks. That was Mikail, I'll see you next time, ciao!