When growing under LED horticultural lamps, the odor of some plants will be slightly less present than with sodium HPS lighting.

Growing fragrant plants does not necessarily pose a problem during their growth phase. But once in bloom, the appearance of flowers can give off a sweet scent.

First and foremost, the choice of your grow room is important. You can control your environment and a few criteria such as the temperature and humidity in your space, but also the evaporation of certain odors.

Aside from the choice of boxing culture, other accessories can camouflage, or erase these smells.

First solution: the carbon filter.

The carbon filter is made of activated carbon which will help absorb pollutants and odors. The air that will now come out of your boxing will be completely neutral.

This is not the perfect solution, however. Indeed, this does not pose any problem when your boxing is closed. However, your grow room will not remain closed all the time, as soon as you open it to go and see your plants, the smells will be able to escape.

Second solution: odor concealer.

To complement the first solution, there are "odor camouflers". These will generate an odor that is most of the time similar to lemon and will then hide the main smell of your plants.

There are automatic, manual diffusers that are effective in the long or short term.

Manual diffuser:

Long-term products will be in gel or wax form mixed with essential oils from the ONA brand specializing in odor management. This type of product has an effectiveness of about 30 days. The brand offers its products in different flavors.

Short-term products will destroy odors in a short period of time. The ONA brand is still present on this type of product with pocket spray. There is also the FRESHHH brand which offers larger formats. Again, there are different tastes, bubble gum, mint, cranberry etc.

Regarding the automatic diffuser, it is offered by the ONA brand. The interval time between each broadcast is adjustable (7, 15 or 30 minutes). The scent will be broadcast automatically. Just put an ONA Mist aerosol inside the diffuser, set your diffusion interval and place it in the area to be treated and you're done.