HLG 550 V2

As we all know, an indoor culture requires special lighting and sometimes difficult to find! So for plant enthusiasts, here is the solution!

Ladies and gentlemen, your solution is named: the HLG 550 V2! It is a LED light specialized for the growth and flowering of 3000 k, from the American group Horticulture Lighting Group!

Let's start with a small presentation:

 The HLG-550 V2 is an LED horticultural lighting from the American group Horticulture Lighting Group, and a powerful and high performance lamp dedicated to the growth and flowering of plants indoors!

What is its role and concept?

Horticultural lighting LED HLG 550 V2 is perfect to cultivate efficiently indoors! It works with its full spectrum, high efficiency white lights and Samsung LM301B LEDs!

So you can significantly improve your indoor growing, whether for the growth of your plants or their flowering!

What are the advantages of HLG 550 V2?

Here are some advantages:

  •     It has a full spectrum for flawless results.
  •     It contains high-efficiency white-light panels with the latest Samsung LEDs.
  •     Works with a diffuse light that allows better penetration into the canopy of the plant!
  •     It is characterized by a secure manufacturing with passive cooling.
  •     It has a spectrum suitable for growth and flowering (3000K).
  •     A dimmable power supply is included!
  •     High efficiency white light made to measure with quantum cards with LED Lumi diodes.
  •     3000K full spectrum white light for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing.
  •     Ideal for growing seedlings in growth phase.
  •     Reliable passive cooling design: no cooling fans required!
  •     Optional lenses for a narrower beam angle and increased intensity.
  •     Efficiency dimmer Mean Well (between 250 and 510W range)!
  •     Designed and manufactured in the USA!

What is the role of the HLG 550 V2?

This kind of lighting is recommended for:

  •     Grow in culture boxes
  •     Vegetative growth
  •     Complete cycle of seedling growth at flowering.
  •     Soil systems, hydroponics, aeroponics or aquaponics.

Useful and practical is not it?

You will find all types of specialized lighting on the French site www.growled.fr and you will also benefit from discounts on your purchases! But also a refund within 14 days and the guarantee of the lowest price on the market!


What are its characteristics ?

This is the data sheet of the HLG 550V2:

  •     Power of the LEDs: between 240 and 500 Watts.
  •     A cultivation area: 150 x 150 cm.
  •     LEDs: 1152 pcs Samsung LM301B.
  •     Spectrum 3000K.
  •     Recommended distance for the canopy: between 45 and 72 cm.
  •     Size: 66 cm x 51 x 7.6 cm.
  •     Manufacturer warranty: 2 years.

This product is no longer available, find its new version below