GrowLED on YouTube

You have followed us during this year on our YouTube GrowLED channel and we thank you again for your support!

You have been able to learn during this year how to set up a culture chamber from A to Z, whether it is the installation of the lighting, the extraction system or your culture box thanks to our series of videos which you liked.

You were able to follow the news of our various products thanks to our unboxing videos and the various explanations on them.

We also answered your various questions such as: what is an intractor for? what is the difference between a phonic duct and a combi duct? To let you know which products are best for you for your facility.


Or follow our Frigrow adventure to have a 100% discreet cultivation of tomatoes in a frigow! In addition to that, there is a competition to win it which is available on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) until 6/30/2021.


The following ?

We're not going to leave you there! We will continue with an even crazier new season and with more content both on YouTube and on social networks! So don't hesitate to follow us now!