Are you new to growing indoors and wondering if you need an air intractor? We are going to watch this together, you will know everything.

It may be necessary if your grow space is confined or if you want to bring in air from a more distant room. For example, if you grow in a room at 10 ° C but you have another room right next to it at 23 ° C, it is in your interest to use the intractor to get the air from it and maintain your perfectly healthy plants.

If you use a grow room, your intraction will happen naturally through the openings at the bottom of your box. In this case you won't need it.

On the other hand, if you start to use a large culture chamber or close the windows of your box, an intractor will be necessary.

Now that you know if you need an intractor, you will have to choose a certain power according to your extractor. If you get more air in than the extractor can get out, then the air will come out everywhere in your room and the odors with it. This is called positive pressure.

If you are using an extractor with a carbon filter, you will need a 35% less powerful extractor. So if you have a 400m3h extractor, you make 400 x 0.65 and you get around 260m3h.

You could therefore for example take a Prima Klima 125 of 400M3H and couple it as an intractor with the TT 125 2 speeds which would run at 280M3h for example.

On the other hand if you do not have a carbon filter you just have to reduce by 15% or 400 * 0.85 and in this case you will need a 340m3h.

I hope I was able to answer your questions about the intractor.

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