The new Growled calculator has just landed on the site! Our teams have worked hard to design this new calculator! Now it allows you to calculate different things and get the perfect results for your indoor grow space.

growled calculator consumption

Estimate the cost of its electricity consumption

Do you want to calculate the cost of your electricity consumption? All you have to do is give your cost per kW per hour, the number of watts of your lighting and the duration of its operation, and voila! Our calculator will immediately give you the estimated price per day, per month and per year. This tool is very practical and even essential if you want to know the cost of your installation for the LED panel. Its use is really very simple.

Estimate the air flow required in a grow room

Air extraction is essential in an indoor growing space. The air needs to be renewed, for the CO2 but also for the temperature which may be extremely high for the plants. A regular and correct temperature is essential for the good development of the plants. Humidity is also very important, and good extraction will keep it at the correct rate.

Thanks to a carbon filter, odors are also filtered and even neutralized. Air flow is therefore of paramount importance in a grow room. In addition, if it is incorrectly adjusted, it may inflate the box or suck it inwards. To calculate the ideal airflow for your space, feel free to use our Growled calculator. It will be able to calculate the necessary air flow with carbon filter, without carbon filter, with or without air intractor. You just need to give your grow box dimensions and the number of watts of your LED lighting.

Estimate the air flow required in a grow room

Thanks to the calculator, you can also calculate the number of pots that can fit into your box. It is sometimes difficult to estimate how many plants we can grow in a space, whether it is quite small or large. The GrowLED calculator avoids this kind of problem. All you have to do is enter the sizes of your grow box, the sizes of your pots and voila, the calculator will take care of everything to show you the number of pots needed!